Mavs want Spurs in first round

By Travis Bremner
Staff Writer

Last night the Dallas Mavericks got their 50th win of the season for the 10th straight season, which has only been done by two other teams – the LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs – since the NBA went to an 82-game season in 1967.

Their playoff spot is clinched and the team continues to play well, but who does Dallas want as their first round draw?

All eight playoff teams in the Western Conference could conceivably end with 50 wins, so the decision isn’t so simple.

Dallas wants no part of the young, athletic thoroughbreds that Oklahoma City and Portland put out on the floor. With that in mind, the Mavericks should welcome a date with rival San Antonito.

The Spurs are a good matchup for Dallas, especially with the addition of Brendan Haywood who will be able to guard Tim Duncan. The Mavericks now have somewhat of a physiological edge of San Antonio by handling them last season in the postseason.

Each team does know one another, which might help the ailing Spurs, but since their first round meeting last year, Dallas has gotten younger, faster and better, while San Antonio has just gotten older.