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Mavericks hit with injury bug; calls for trade

January 18, 2011

Adam Bremner Staff Writer Days before the new year arrived, the Dallas Mavericks stood at 24-5, just 1.5 games behind the Southwest division leading San Antonio Spurs. But things have gotten out of...

Being a Silver Spur

September 10, 2010

Chase Porter Staff Writer Being a Silver Spur is one of the most exciting and exhausting experiences of my life. Being a Spur makes you endure large amounts of pain because of all the running and...

Player rotation, among other things causing Mavs 3-1 deficit

April 27, 2010

By Travis Bremner Staff Writer The Dallas Mavericks are on the brink of being eliminated from the NBA playoffs short of their ultimate goal yet again tonight at the hands of their arch rival San Antonio...

I am officially retired

April 26, 2010

I am retired. That’s right; I am retired from the one thing I grew up with truly loving. I am done with the NBA. Now this might sound a little weird, but it’s all true. Now, what catastrophic...

Mavericks look impressive in first round of playoffs

April 20, 2010

As a long time Dallas Mavericks fan, I tend to get worried when the playoffs suddenly roll around. Why you ask? Because I have seen my fair share of dreams crushed, falling short at the last minute, and...

NBA playoffs begin, Mavericks play Spurs first round

April 16, 2010

By Gaby Moran Staff Writer As the NBA season came to an end the week of April 12, all teams prepare for first round of playoffs this coming weekend. The Dallas Mavericks, No. 2 ranked team in the...

Mavs want Spurs in first round

April 1, 2010

By Travis Bremner Staff Writer Last night the Dallas Mavericks got their 50th win of the season for the 10th straight season, which has only been done by two other teams - the LA Lakers and San Antonio...

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