Conan to visit SMU

Ashleigh Heaton
Entertainment Editor

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Conan O’Brien (hereon referred to lovingly as Coco) is going on a comedy tour of 30 cities, and Dallas is on his list of stops. On Thursday, May 13, the former host of “The Tonight Show” will visit the Southern Methodist University’s McFarlin Memorial Auditorium accompanied by his former co-host Andy Richter and former “Tonight Show” band for what I’m sure will be an evening of hilarity.

Unfortunately for fans (but fortunately for Coco), tickets are already sold out. Of course, you can buy some scalped tickets online, but it’ll run you about $200 instead of the original $40. And if you’re a thrifty person like me, then you’re kind of out of luck.

But it’s no secret that I love this man (and, therefore, harbor strong feelings of…dislike for Jay Leno), and seeing him do something so big, even if I don’t get to be there, gives me hope for his future in the entertainment business. Because Lord knows the world isn’t done with the Invisible String dance just yet.