“Tangled” in new Disney controversy

Ashleigh Heaton
Entertainment Editor

I’ll admit, I don’t think I ever grew out of fairytales: in my opinion, Disney movies are just better than all other movies being made today. So imagine, if you will, my sheer joy when I heard that Disney was making Rapunzel into a feature length animated film.

I immediately pounced on Google to get the full details. Apparently, the studio is making the film in half 2-D, half 3-D animation to combine elements of old and new filmmaking together — the stills I’ve seen so far look fantastic. Also, the voices of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi (whom I am in love with) will be gracing the project with both talent and celebrity status to bring people to the show when it releases in November.

However, it didn’t take a whole lot of searching to find that controversy was also swirling around the film. It was announced in early February that the title was not to be “Rapunzel” but “Tangled” because — get this — the studio wanted to cater more toward boys. Evidentially, “The Princess and the Frog” didn’t do as well in box offices ($22 million is just an appalling turnout, Disney) because boys prejudged it based on the fact that “princess” was in the title.

Now, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to Lil Ole Me, but people are getting massively ticked off about it. From movie bloggers to YouTube users, the internet is aflame with protest to the name change. “How will we be able to tell that the movie is about Rapunzel if it isn’t in the title?!” they cry out in grammar-deluded anguish. (Um…ever heard of a trailer?)

But, whatever. I think the title is witty, and even if it was called something else I would still see it because it looks so great. In the words of Juliet, “That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.”

Oh yes, I just did.