CISD joins, leads new consortium of high-performance districts

By Thomas Hair
Opinions Editor

Over the decades, Coppell Independent School District has cultivated an identity as a model for districts trying to improve their growth management, student performance, and incorporation of more technology. Rapidly rising from humble beginnings as a small, rural district, Coppell ISD now consistently ranks among the most innovative and highest performing districts.

Superintendent Jeff Turner and the rest CISD’s leaders have a distinct vision for the future, of Coppell blazing the trail in 21st century education. On November 14, CISD joined the newly formed Texas High Performance Schools Consortium to help take the vision a step closer to reality. Coppell fought to pass House Bill 1557, which resulted in the Consortium’s formation. 23 other schools districts across the state have also qualified to be members.

According to House Bill 1557, the Consortium’s primary purpose will be to “inform the governor, legislature and commissioner concerning methods for transforming public schools in this state by improving student learning through the development of innovative, next-generation learning standards and assessment and accountability systems.”

Turner will serve as co-chairman of the Consortium, placing Coppell in a critical leadership position in the state of Texas. All CISD classrooms are equipped with wireless technology and smart boards, but in other, less priviliged districts around the state, students are still learning in what is described as a “19th century learning environment.” The Consortium aims to help the State rectify these issues with the public education system, allow for more student creativity, strengthen accountability systems and decrease the prevalence on high-stakes testing.