Newest popular Halloween costumes follow entertainment trends

Rebecca Neumann

Staff Writer

Fashion trends generally follow celebrities and pop-culture. This is also true when talking about Halloween costumes.

According to, the five most popular costumes for 2009 are all to do with entertainment recently. Coming in at number five is Bollywood. This ‘Hollywood in India’ is a huge media outlet that has caught on in America. Slumdog Millionaire won the Academy Award for Best Picture last year and it is a true Bollywood movie, complete with a singing-dancing sequences.

Zombies, coming in at number four, are much less obscure. With the new movie Zombieland out in theaters and new books like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, it is not surprising that many people are going to be imitating the undead.

For a more annoying part of the entertainment industry, reality television stars are number three. Many more Americans are beginning to enjoy reality television shows such as The Hills. These ‘celebrities’ are so popular that they can be recognized by the clothes they wear, making them ideal choices for Halloween.   

To pay tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson can be imitated easily by a pair of white gloves and sequins. His popularity has grown since his death, and many people will have fun moon-walking at parties.

Lastly, and not surprisingly, vampires are the most popular. With movies like the Twilight series and television shows like True Blood, they are the most recognizable monsters in entertainment. If you are at a loss for what to wear on Halloween night, strap on a pair of fangs and collect some candy.

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