Academic Decathlon Recruiting

By: Chris Cummins
Staff Writer

Academic Decathlon holds an informational meeting Thursday at 4:00, in Mr. Dixon’s room in B211. The meeting is an informational one, giving prospective students the chance to learn about Academic Decathlon and hear about it from the students themselves, as well as Mr. Dixon. For those who don’t know, or who don’t care enough to find out, Academic Decathlon is comprised of seven subjective categories: math, super quiz, history, art, music, language and literature, and economics. There are two subjective portions as well: an essay and a speech.

Each student who joins Academic Decathlon is put into one of three categories: A, B, or C. Each category is composed of three different grade point average’s, with students who have all A’s going into the A category, students with a few B’s and mostly A’s into the B category, and students a few B’s and mostly C’s going into the C category.

CHS Ac Dec, as it is commonly abbreviated, is one of the DFW area’s top teams, and placed 6th in a highly competitive state competition. Since most of this year’s team was composed solely of seniors, of whom six occupied the top nine spots, there is room for dedicated students of all grade point averages.

For more information about Academic Decathlon go to: