American Idol’s tenth season kicks off Wednesday

Henna Khan
Business Manager

What has been one of America’s most watched television shows in history is ready for its 10th season to begin tomorrow evening.

In hopes of putting more musical talent into the show, producers have altered this years judging panel completely, getting rid of the ever infamous Simon Cowell. This year, the spotlight will be fixed on former singers Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

Idol attracts millions of viewers across the nation, but who knows whether or not this new panel of judges will give viewers that same sense of attraction they have been given for so long.

Something tells me this season of Idol is going to be less about the comedic moments and the dramatic outbursts, but more about the talent itself.

Personally, I never watch past the auditions because I don’t see any substance in the show afterwards, but perhaps this season viewers who disagree with my take on the show will look forward to an actual search for talent.

Tune in tomorrow night at 8 p.m. for a special two hour premiere on Fox as the auditions begin.