Easy ways to get into the spirit

Ashley Attanucci
Web Manager

The holidays — our favorite time of year is finally right around the corner. Hannakuh has begun, Christmas is only two weeks away, the weather is cold and snow has already begun to fall (on Sidekick online, of course).

Make the most of your December and let the cheer last with a few simple and fun ideas to look forward to:

1. Decorate- it’s one of the easiest things you can do to get into the mood of the holidays. If your parents aren’t in charge of this already, switch out some of the usual decor of your home with something more jolly: place a pointsettia plant as your centerpiece at the table or out on your porch; brighten the yard with some festive lights; most importantly — decorate your tree and enjoy doing it.

2. Dress and act the part — you have to walk it and talk it before you are IT, before you can become part of the holiday spirit. Find your red and green toe socks or your Santa earrings and wear them to school! Don’t forget to partake in the Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at CHS