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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Begle named CHS9 2023-24 Teacher of the Year

Wendy Le
CHS9 English I teacher Erin Begle advises students on their class assignment on Feb. 28. Begle was named CHS9 Teacher of the Year on Dec. 1.

CHS9 English I teacher Erin Begle did not always know she wanted to be a teacher. However, her love for kids and the value of education drew her towards the career of her future.

Begle was named the CHS9 2023-24 Teacher of the Year on Dec. 1., honoring her hard work and dedication to her students.

“When I found out I had won, I was shocked and really surprised,” Begle said. “We have such a great staff, and the other candidates were so strong.”

Begle discovered her passion for teaching in college when talking to a friend, Sarah Donovan, about the roles and expectations of teenagers.

“Teenagers get the short end of the stick. They have a limited amount of freedom, but also a lot of responsibility,” Begle said.

According to Begle, teenagers are expected to act and be a certain way, which limits their potential.

“People are constantly saying that ‘oh, you’re a teenager, you’re going to mess up’ and painting with such broad strokes, but teenagers are actually so cool – they set the tone for pop culture, what people wear, and then the middle schoolers and college students pick up on it,” Begle said. “I feel like teenagers have this potential, and are often written off in a way that they don’t deserve.”

CHS9 English I teacher Erin Begle listens to her students present their class assignment on Feb. 28. Begle was named CHS9 Teacher of the Year on Dec. 1. (Wendy Le)

Begle decided to study English at the University of Dallas because of the power it has to teach students about their emotions and the world around them. She saw value in social-emotional learning and   understanding oneself and how to interact with others.

“Literature is great because it helps all of us build empathy, and it allows us to discuss intricate problems without gossiping,” Begle said. “Literature allows us to make meaningful connections with people. English is both a communication and art class.”

In Begle’s classroom, the dim lighting and small-group desk formation emphasize an environment of comfort. However, Begle also sees great value in taking risks, especially in learning. Taking risks allows students to push their abilities and understand texts in an insightful manner.

“When you think about literature, the pieces that change the world are the pieces that don’t follow the pattern perfectly from the usual,” Begle said. “Those risks are how we grow, and you don’t grow without taking risks.”

CHS9 English I teacher Erin Begle introduces a new class project to her students on Feb. 28. Begle was named CHS9 Teacher of the Year on Dec. 1. (Wendy Le)

Begle stands out because of her helpfulness, reliability and trustworthiness. Her teaching style is distinct, encouraging students but never overloading them.

“She makes teaching so fun,” freshmen Aneesha Bijja said. “She’ll try to make games and she’ll make lessons in a way where students don’t feel like they have too much of a workload on them.” 

Begle also serves as the CHS9 Student Council advisor, where her passion for installing comfort for students shines through even more.

“Ms. Begle’s always there at any of their events, always making sure everyone’s OK and she always gives back to the community,” Bijja said.

Other teachers have great respect for Begle, noting her clever and endearing personality. 

“She’s an expert at loving kids, but also holds them accountable to our campus expectations,” CHS9 assistant principal Jessica Lynch said.

Begle’s high energy teaching style involves students in their own learning, ensuring that students always feel engaged and excited to learn.

“I definitely believe that if a kid is engaged in what they’re doing, or if they’re remotely excited about it, you’re not going to have [people] off task or poor behavior,” Begle said.

Begle hopes that even students who don’t like reading will find value in her class. 

“When you have the ability to relate, you have access to more of the world and so much more of the human experience,” Begle said. “It all comes down to connection.”Whether discussing Romeo and Juliet, personal feelings or extracurricular activities, Begle is always someone who students can talk to and trust to support them.

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