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  • CISD has an early release day on March 12
It has been a full calendar year since the last regular day of school at Coppell High School prior to COVID-19’s influence. Coppell ISD is still upholding various coronavirus-related guidelines, such as social distancing and wearing masks.

One year later: Campus commemorating memories on school closure anniversary

Shivi Sharma, Executive News Editor March 6, 2021

Three fourths of the way into the 2020-21 school year, Coppell High School art teacher David Bearden’s classroom, E103, holds about five students per class period, out of approximately the 25 enrolled....

Coppell High School social media marketing, sports and entertainment marketing and INCubator teacher Brian Simpson is the founder of Triumph Sports, a camp that uses sports to share Christian teachings. Simpson used his experience creating Triumph Sports to teach multiple business-related classes at CHS.

Entrepreneur turned high school teacher

Shreya Beldona, Executive enterprise editor March 3, 2021 In August 1996, San Diego Padres Public Affairs intern, and current Coppell High School social media marketing, sports and entertainment marketing and INCubator teacher,...

Three COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, are now available in the United States as the pandemic continues. Eligible Coppell residents can receive vaccines by joining distribution centers’ wait lists.

From dozens of labs across the world to local pharmacies

Anjali Vishwanath, Staff Writer March 2, 2021

Coronavirus Disease 2019. COVID-19. Both imply this was an outbreak isolated to 2019, but the pandemic continues in 2021, after hundreds of thousands of Americans have perished as a result of COVID-19...

Rap music is often associated with negative connotations such as violence and gangs. The Sidekick staff writer Varshitha Korrapolu thinks rap music is a powerful genre that should be relieved of its cynical views.

Opinion: Give it a listen, think again

Varshitha Korrapolu, Staff Writer March 1, 2021

Piercing sounds blaring through speakers.  Unpleasant sensations. Noise. Disturbance. Unreal.  Those songs are usually about profanity, shattered young love or substance abuse right? This is...

IBM business development leader Jo Ann Hill’s passion for math and numbers drew her to computer science. She uses her programming skills to lead a racial justice initiative and serve as a co-director at GIGAWOT, a coding camp for girls.

Paving the way: Hill empowering minorities with STEM solutions

Trisha Atluri, Advertising/Circulation Manager February 26, 2021

The first time IT professional Jo Ann Hill worked with computers was during her bachelor’s degree program at Mississippi Valley State University. With an affinity for numbers and math, Hill had chosen...

A survey of 659 students at Coppell High School found that more than half first received their news from social media. A lack of media literacy in youth has revealed the importance of student journalism. Graphic by Neha Desaraju

Waging an inevitable war (Part 3)

Avani Kashyap, Daily News/Assignment Editor February 26, 2021

Editor’s note: This is part 3 in a series exploring today’s news media and the impact of distrust on its consumers. Read part 1 and part 2 here. Youth and the media As the torch bearers of digital...

Coppell Middle School East eighth grader Justin Sturm, sixth grader Mallory Cooper and Coppell High School junior Granger Hassmann read various history books. The current U.S. history curriculum in Texas is determined in a process that involves lawmakers, educators, parents, students and industry representatives.

Past in present

Akhila Gunturu, CHS9 Editor February 17, 2021

“‘It’s today in history!’”  This is Wilson Elementary fifth grade teacher Beth Brandenburg’s first year of teaching history in fifth grade after 19 years of teaching, 15 of those spent...

Coppell homes have been experiencing inconsistent power outages since Monday. Residents can use these tips to stay warm and conserve energy in the record low temperatures.

Families utilizing resourcefulness as power outages strike city

Shivi Sharma, Executive News Editor February 17, 2021

Four inches of snow piled on sidewalks, stores and houses in Coppell on Sunday, prompting a week-long closure of Coppell ISD. The record-low temperatures brought with them rolling power outages, rendering...

Coppell High School senior Matthew Davis works on a Kawasaki ZZR600 motorcycle in his backyard on Saturday. Davis has had a zeal for mechanics ever since he was 8, from bicycles to motorcycles. Photo by Sreehitha Moravaneni

Davis drives creativity through reconstructing cars (with video)

Drishti Gupta, Staff Writer February 2, 2021

With parts strewn across the garage and the engine out of place, he did not know where to start. Eventually, he managed to push the negative thoughts out of his mind and acquired a new drive to do what...

Coppell senior golfer Andrew Chow replaces the flagstick at practice on Thursday at Hackberry Creek Country Club in Irving. Chow’s involvement in Young Life and the Young Men’s Service League helped him gain the leadership skills to be captain of the golf team.

At your service: Chow guiding boys golf in good faith

Anjali Krishna, Co-Sports Editor February 2, 2021

Among the thousands of shots Coppell senior golfer Andrew Chow has taken in his life with a notable amount of power in his swing, a very small few have been hit into the water.  But in those few times...

Coppell High School senior Xander Davila wears makeup in protest of restrictive gender norms. The Sidekick executive editorial page editor Camila Villarreal explains why different forms of self expression should be accepted by society.

Opinion: Blurring gender norms is the future, get used to it

Camila Villarreal, Executive Editorial Page Editor February 2, 2021

Ah, gender norms. The deeply-rooted cog of the normal society clock. Men like blue, women like pink and the most radicalized anyone wants to get beyond that is seeing a woman in basketball shorts and a...

A myriad of new state legislation, COVID-19 expenses and old budget changes has made an impact on the Coppell ISD 2020-21 proposed budget in the form of a $7 million projected budget deficit. The Board of Trustees has proposed solutions to combat this deficit.

Not in the books: Board faces months of deliberating on budget with projected $7 million deficit

Neha Desaraju, Entertainment Editor February 1, 2021

The budget approval process for the Board of Trustees typically starts in spring of the preceding school year with a series of budget workshops. This cycle, however, the board decided to hold its first...

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