Summer 2010 Upcoming Movies

By Angela Almeida
Opinions Editor

The following are a list of upcoming movies, not in order of importance, that look interesting (or comical) to watch this summer.

1. Twelve – Directed by Joel Schumacher – Chase Crawford. 50 Cent. Emma Roberts. Essentially, the cast is a cluster[explicit] of “actors”. The movie follows a drug dealer (Crawford) who gets caught up in his cousin’s murder, with his best friend being of the accused. It looks like a sure flop, but Crawford is always easy on the eyes and Roberts hardly takes after her aunt (thus it will be entertaining to see her try to act).

To watch the trailer visit:

2. Inception – Directed by Christopher Nolan – Leonardo DiCaprio is at it again. In “Inception,” a sci-fi thriller which looks slightly reminiscent of “Minority Report,” a group of businessmen create an alternate world for individuals in an attempt to steal their subconscious. It seems complex but warranting a midnight showing. Juno’s Ellen Page and Letter’s from Iwo Jima’s Ken Watanabe also star.

To watch the trailer visit:

3. Beastly – Directed by Daniel Barnz – Basically, Mary Kate Olsen stars in this, one of the first films she’s done post-anorexia (we hope) and virtually since Full House. It looks bad, but sinfully indulging. Vanessa Hudgens also counters Alex Pettryfer. Just watch the trailer.