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  • Early voting is Oct. 13-30
  • October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Record national early voting turnout make up 2018 midterm election

This morning, a group of voters support Julie Johnson for Texas State Representative for the 2018 general election outside of Coppell Town Center. Representatives give out cards and information about candidates that will be elected for local, state, and congressional level.

Christine Zacuai, Executive News Editor

November 6, 2018

The doors of Coppell City Hall usher in and out eager voters ready to cast their ballots as local representatives and supporters patiently gather under their canopies under the cloudy skies for this year’s midterm election.   The polls saw a slow but steady flow of voters throughout the da...

I have a voice, I want to use it

Staff writer Anika Arutla talks about the history of voting and her excitement about voting. Political signs are lined along the road to Coppell Town Center for upcoming midterm election on Nov. 9.

Anika Arutla, Staff Writer

November 6, 2018

Change. That is what I think about when I think about voting. It is common misconception that one vote, among millions, is not worth anything - that it is a simple raindrop in the middle of the vast ocean.   Millions of those raindrops make up the ocean; similarly, my vote, even though it ...

Students over 18 can fulfill voting civic duty on March 6 for first time

For many Coppell High School students over the age of 18, the midterm elections on Nov. 6 will be the first time they will be eligible to vote. AP US History teacher Diane de Waal and Coppell High School Kennedy Carver plan to vote in November’s election that will determine the House of Representatives, one third of the Senate, 36 governorships and many state legislature seats.

Tanya Raghu, Enterprise Editor

January 25, 2018

While the midterm elections will take place on Nov. 6 and will impact the remainder of President Donald Trump’s term in the White House and the future of America’s political sphere, the Texas Senate elections on March 6 will directly affect Texans.   For many Coppell High School students over t...

Place education as a priority, support CISD Bond

May 10, 2013

Editorial Every 50 minutes, a bell rings and over 3000 students spill out into the main hallway of Coppell High School. In just a few blinks of an eye the hall is filled from wall to wall with a sea of bodies - flowing through the school like molasses. The congestion during CHS passing periods is...

D Magazine searches for cutest dog in Dallas

January 25, 2013

By Caroline Carter Staff Writer Earlier this year, D Magazine asked its readers to submit photos of their dogs in order for their beloved pets to be entered into a contest. After receiving 100s of reader submissions, D Magazine has complied a group of 32 furry friends that will compete for the title of...

Coppell vs. Hebron to possibly be televised

October 10, 2012

by Kristen Shepard Staff Writer Two weeks ago, Coppell upset Allen in undoubtedly one of the most exciting and anticipated games of the season thus far. This week, Coppell will take on the Hebron Hawks, as they hope to continue with their undefeated record. The game will be played away at Hebron Hig...

Unofficial election results show Hunt as new Coppell mayor

May 14, 2012

By Mary Whitfill Features Editor Coppell’s city council will be plagued with new faces, as early election results show Gary Roden and Karen Hunt taking the lead in their respective elections and a runoff election scheduled for two Place 3 hopefuls. Results show mayoral hopeful Karen Hunt with...

Class officer race crosses finish line

April 18, 2012

By Kristen Shepard Staff Writer After several weeks of intense competition and campaigning, the class officers for the 2012-2013 have been announced. Elections were especially competitive this year, with multiple candidates running for each position, tensions were high as the voting ballots went...

Register to make a change in Coppell

February 3, 2012

By Jordan Bickham Staff Writer As students in high school, some of us, myself included, do not care much about politics until they start affecting us personally.  One of these moments is when you turn 18 and the time to have your political opinion noticed  finally arrives.  While the Presidential...

Constitutional Amendment Election to be held Nov. 8

November 7, 2011

By Mary Whitfill Features Editor Ten propositions will go on the ballot tomorrow for the November Texas Constitutional Amendment Election. Registered Dallas County voters can report to their precinct polling location to cast their vote. Propositions up for election are as follows: Proposition Number 1...

Special tax election to be held Nov. 8

October 24, 2011

By Mary Whitfill Features Editor On Nov. 8 Coppell will hold a special election regarding delegation of city sales tax. Residents will be asked if they should re-adopt a .25 percent sales tax that will contribute to funding crime prevention as well as maintenance and repair for city streets. The...

PSA awards Springer title of Hometown Hero

October 23, 2011

By Mary Whitfill Features Editor Everyone knows someone who has made an impact on the world around them. From motivational stories to heart warming work in the community, those who strive to make a difference in Coppell are now being recognized. The Coppell High School Public Service Academy (PSA)...