Special tax election to be held Nov. 8

By Mary Whitfill
Features Editor

On Nov. 8 Coppell will hold a special election regarding delegation of city sales tax. Residents will be asked if they should re-adopt a .25 percent sales tax that will contribute to funding crime prevention as well as maintenance and repair for city streets.

The tax was approved by voters in 2007 and the money has funded the construction of roads around the city, including the rebuilding of both Heartz Road and Clear Creek.

The money that was collected from the crime prevention sales tax has allowed Coppell to provide funding for 23 existing police department positions, school resource officers, community crime prevention programs, enhanced emergency communication and police vehicles.

If voters choose not to renew the tax rate, it will drop to the original rate that existed before the 2007 election.

Early voting for the sales tax election is from Oct. 24-Nov. 3 with Election Day on Nov. 8. Coppell registered voters must go to their county precinct polling location on Election Day.  To find your voting precinct, click here.