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Top Chef All- Stars

December 2, 2010

Chase Porter Staff Writer Top Chef All- Stars, the 8th season of the t.v. series is premiering tonight at 10/ 9 central. The previous seasons have been stacked with top chefs from around the U.S. and they have been entertaining audiences and making them hungry. The past seasons have been placed in a variety of different c...

Top 10 most interesting people of 2009

December 11, 2009

Staff Writer Paige Wilson Every year the legendary reporter  Barbra Walters looks back on the course of the year to find the most fascinating people of the year. Wenseday night she revealed her list to the world. These are the ones who made it on this oh-so exclusive list. 1o. Lady Gaga-...

Top 8 reasons you love Healthy Choice

October 23, 2009

by Ashley Attanucci Staff Writer On television, there have recently been many commercials for the best tv dinner ever -Healthy Choice. You know, those green boxes in the frozen aisle that you dream about at night. Last weekend was maybe the best weekend of my life because at Tom Thumb, Healthy...

Glee delivers another hit with fourth episode

September 25, 2009

Paige Wilson Staff Writer Glee gave another outstanding performance this week. The show won me over when all the football players decided to breakout to Single Ladies. Kurt was definitely my favorite, as he was hysterical and emotional all in one show when he finally came out of the closet even t...