Top 8 reasons you love Healthy Choice

by Ashley Attanucci
Staff Writer

On television, there have recently been many commercials for the best tv dinner ever -Healthy Choice. You know, those green boxes in the frozen aisle that you dream about at night.

Last weekend was maybe the best weekend of my life because at Tom Thumb, Healthy Choice was on sale, 5 for 10 dollars. That’s quite a discount considering that the meals are usually around 5 bucks. So I bought for myself and my family, who are equally crazy for it, some fifty boxes.

In the unfortunate but probable case that you’ve never had a Healthy Choice meal before (I only had my first 2 weeks ago), let me share my experiences with you.

Deliciousness- Tastiest thing you’ll ever, ever eat. I do dare to say, it beats fast food.

Nutrition- Different from other boxes that claim to be good for you, Healthy Choice actually is healthy.

Convenience- Further, choosing your meal out of the dozens of dinner options they offer is made convenient with the number of calories and grams of fat displayed clearly on the front of each box.

Variety- The brand even offers non-perishable options for the office – Fresh Mixers. Just add water and microwave; they’re not frozen and don’t need to be refrigerated.

Takes less than 3 minutes to make.

You may want to consider keeping a Mixers in your car at all times in case your realization that Healthy Choice beats fast food occurs while driving.

Expectation- For once, the at-home post-microwaved dinner matches the appearance of that on the box itself and the mouth watering feeling surpasses the one you think you got when you first laid eyes on the Healthy Choice section at the grocery store.

Frugality- I would pay anything to eat a Healthy Choice pasta entrée, but it helps that the prices of Healthy Choice can be low, if you know how to look for sales and coupons. And if you follow the fun Healthy Choice commercials: those free, heavenly little bit-sized boxes to be dropped out of a hot air balloon aren’t real. So you’re out of luck there, but go online to get your $2 coupon.

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