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On the Spot: Flu season in full swing at CHS

Flu season has affected students of Coppell High School which later leads to failure of exemption. Coppell High School nurse Beth Dorn says that washing your hands regularly is an effective way of preventing getting sick from the flu.

Gracie Blackwell, Business Manager

January 9, 2018

The time has come for the annual season of incessant coughs and sneezes echoing in the hallways at Coppell High School: flu season.   According to the CDC, flu season occurs between the months of October and March, but the peak occurs between December and February.   Over the past couple of ...

Flu shot 48 percent effective rate this year leads to several Coppell High School absences

During flu season, it is important to stay healthy, keep away from illness and educate oneself on the influenza. Approximately 164 million school days are missed each year for students in kindergarten to 12th graders in the United States due to sickness.

Tanya Raghu, Staff Writer

February 23, 2017

Just like the game of “tag”, the flu virus is passed on by touch, annually plaguing the nation during the months between October and March.   An initially congested nose, blocked and popping ears and cough may first seem like annual allergy symptoms but soon transform into body aches, ...

News media defaults to scare mongering in exchange for ratings

January 25, 2013

By Ben Cowlishaw Staff Writer Scaremongering is no longer just up to lobbyists and interest groups in Washington; today’s mainstream media has defaulted to alarmist tactics in exchange for ratings. It is no secret and there has been no shortage of coverage on the affects of instant social media,...

Soccer Notebook: Crocs back in style due to Coppell Soccer

Soccer Notebook: Crocs back in style due to Coppell Soccer

January 23, 2013

By Allison Arnold Sports Writer Every sport in Coppell has a poster. Usually on these posters, the schedule is included, along with a team picture of the JV and freshman teams at the bottom and a huge picture of the varsity team at the top. Every year, there is always a sport that tries to ...

Tips to stay healthy during cold and flu season

December 12, 2012

By Jay Carroll Staff Writer With Christmas break just around the corner, the winter sniffles and illnesses are already in full force at Coppell High School. It is important to stay healthy around this time of year, and it may seem hard as you are crammed together next to people sneezing and coughing...

How to stay healthy during cold and flu season

January 27, 2012

By Jay Carroll Staff Writer Even though it has been unseasonably warm in Texas this winter, it is still very easy to catch a cold or even the Flu. With the number of people in this school, almost everything has been touched over 100 times. Whether it's computers, door handles, sinks or anything...

Student exemptions threatened by a hard flu season

February 10, 2011

Ashley Attanucci Web Manager Video by Austin Evans Every winter, the United States is hit with the infamous flu season; according to a survey taken by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, this year’s flu season has been one of the worst yet, and the Centers for Disease Control and Preven...

Flu season brings with it extra precautions

February 8, 2011

Ashley Attanucci Web Manager Flu season peaks in American every year about the same time, February. And though each year brings new and different strains of the flu -as we saw last year with the infamous swine flu- this year proves to be an especially important year to watch for influenza. The...

The truth about swine flu: Mythbusters edition

November 9, 2009

By Ellen Cameron Staff Writer High school may be a Petri dish, but this year, Coppell High School has become a breeding ground for not only diseases, but for rumors about diseases as well. Last May, swine flu was treated like a biochemical weapon of massed destruction, and many schools shut dow...

Tips for preventing the flu

October 15, 2009

by Caitlin Conner Staff Writer Flu season is in full swing and many students are feeling its effects. These simple steps can help students avoid the flu and stay in school. 1.Most importantly, wash your hands. Hum “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or another short tune to ensure that you have...

Fall brings flu season to CHS

September 30, 2009

Rebecca Neumann Staff Writer I love fall. It means falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween and good football. But with all the good it brings, there is a dark side to these mostly wonderful months: flu season. I’m sure you’ve noticed. There is a least one person gone in every...