Tips to stay healthy during cold and flu season

By Jay Carroll
Staff Writer

With Christmas break just around the corner, the winter sniffles and illnesses are already in full force at Coppell High School.

It is important to stay healthy around this time of year, and it may seem hard as you are crammed together next to people sneezing and coughing in the hallways between every class period.

Some quick tips to stay healthy this cold and flu season are, get a lot of sleep, sleep may seem hard to come by as students but you have to make sure you get as much sleep as possible each night to stay healthy. It is also important to try and exercise each day, it does not have to be a lot but just enough to stay active and keep healthy. The last two care things that doctors and teachers have been telling kids from day one, eat healthy and wash your hands. If you do not wash your hands you are passing germs onto every surface in the school that you touch, which can get other people sick as well.

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