How to stay healthy during cold and flu season

By Jay Carroll
Staff Writer

Even though it has been unseasonably warm in Texas this winter, it is still very easy to catch a cold or even the Flu.

With the number of people in this school, almost everything has been touched over 100 times. Whether it’s computers, door handles, sinks or anything else, the easiest way to prevent illness is to do what they teach you in pre-school and WASH YOUR HANDS. I know it may seem like a pain. You are in a rush to get to class so you fly out of the restroom without washing your hands. You will touch things that other people will touch, and there you go, now they could get sick too.

Also, do not cough or sneeze on other people because it can spread germs and it’s just not polite. It is very important to eat healthy and drink a lot of water and other fluids. This will help make sure you do not get a cold or the flu.

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