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Applying to college; how to avoid the stress

Applying to college; how to avoid the stress

Gabby Sahm, Staff Writer

February 4, 2016

I have always been someone who plans everything out. I do not like going into situations without knowing what will happen so I tend to overcompensate by researching everything that I could ever encounter to ensure I can have the best outcome. With this mindset one would assume that my application process fo...

Current juniors soon to face stress of college applications, decision

May 15, 2014

By Henriikka Niemi Staff Writer This time last year, I was worried about exemptions, senior overalls and my summer vacation, and had no clue about the direction my life would take after high school. For all the current juniors who will struggle with this same decision, the most important thing is cho...

Exploring College Options to visit Dallas

April 5, 2013

By Mabry Culp Staff Writer Applying to college is an anxious and stressful process for all students. The program Exploring College Options is designed to alleviate the stress from students and parents by educating them on the basics of applying and how to spiff up their resumes. On Tuesday May 14th...