On the Clock: Dallas Cowboys

By Travis Bremner
Staff Writer

We’re hours away from the start of the NFL draft, come here to chat with us during the draft, and looking at the possibilities for the Dallas Cowboys as they get ready to add to their NFC East champion roster.

Thought their current selection is at 27, rumors have surface in the past 24 hours that Dallas is trying to trade up with either Miami or San Francisco at the 12 or 13 slots respectively, to apparently Texas safety Earl Thomas who would fit well here. The Cowboys seems to be shopping defensive lineman Marcus Spears.

Make no mistake, Jerry Jones loves to make deals, if he wants a player – we will often times get him.

If Dallas doesn’t trade up, there is a great possibility they will trade down if they don’t have a player high on their draft board at 27 to get an extra pick or two.

All that said, Jones has said repeatedly the Cowboys are likely to stay put at their 27th pick, if so, who do they take?

Four ways I think they might go, well three ways – four players.

  1. Wide receiver Dez Bryant – If he gets past Denver at 11 then he could fall the way 27. He’s a top 10 talent with a few off the field concerns, it’d be a steal for Dallas.
  2. Guard Mike Iupati – A huge body at 6’5 and 331 pounds, he could come in and play right away for Cowboys.
  3. Corner backs Devin McCourty, Kyle Wilson – Though solid, Dallas needs some depth at the cornerback position, either of these guys could be potential starters. I’d take either one of them over safety Taylor Mays.

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