Coppell Observer: Last minute tips to prepare for the SAT


Kaylee Aguilar

The SAT is a standardized test that many students across the United States are encouraged to take before applying to college. It assesses students on math, reading and writing. Many teenagers experience a large amount of stress while preparing to achieve a rewarding score on their test.

Nishant Medicharla, Export and Production Manager

Coppell Observer is a humorous column about life as a teenager. Please be warned that any and all sass is due to the writers’ similar situation as teenagers (even though we feel so much older). You, the reader, should not take any of these words seriously. Seriously. If this article makes you laugh, leave a comment.


With the March SAT tomorrow, many students are frantically trying to cram for the test that “determines their life”. However, a lot of students are doing the wrong things to prepare for the exam, such as trying to be healthy, taking a break from studying and getting a lot of sleep. Here are some things you should actually do to prepare for the SAT at the last minute.


1. Eat whatever you feel like eating


Many experts claim you should eat healthy food the night before the SAT – food with high protein to boost your mind during the exam. However, this is completely wrong. Eat whatever you feel like eating. If you feel happy by eating that family pack of Lays next to you, keep eating it. The logic is if you feel happy, then you’ll feel happy during the test, allowing your score to be much higher.


What are vegetables and protein going to do for you? It is not like there is any evidence those foods improve cognitive abilities. If you feel like going to McDonald’s the night before, go with pride. A happy stomach is a happy mind, which is a happy life.


2. Study whatever you feel like studying


It is generally known you should not be cramming the night before the SAT, but honestly who really cares? If you do not know your trigonometric identities, it it safe to cover all your bases. Read as much literature as you can, and practice as many math problems the night before the test if it is really bugging you.


Cramming the night before will help you feel confident and prepared for the test. You might as well take an entire five-hour practice test the night before to really see your true potential. If you do not like your score on that practice test, take another one. If you do finish studying, then you might as well sleep, or not.


3. Sleep whenever you feel like sleeping


Again, these “experts” claim you need a good night’s rest before the SAT, but where is the evidence? You should sleep whenever you feel like sleeping. Most kids are generally filled with fear and fright the night before the SAT, and stare with their eyes wide open instead of sleeping.


So instead of staring at your ceiling and thinking of that 900 you are going to get, go binge watch “Jane the Virgin” on Netflix. You might as well enjoy yourself before you spend the next five hours of your life frantically figuring out what an author from the 1800s is trying to convey in his story.


With that, take all these tips into account to really optimize your true potential for the SAT. Make sure you walk into the test feeling prepared and confident. And if you do not get that 1550 or above, there is always a next time; unless you’re a senior.


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