Flesher following aspirations for life of film


Aubrey Phillips

Coppell High School senior Landon Flesher takes video of the pep-rally on Oct. 19, in the CHS arena. Flesher has been a member of KCBY for the past three years of highschool.

Pramika Kadari, Copy Editor

From filming weekly church services to creating award-winning content for Coppell High School’s student-run television station, CHS senior Landon Flesher weaves videography into every corner of his life.


Flesher’s interest in film sparked during his elementary school years, when he used to make short videos of his family on an inexpensive camera. After joining a media class at Coppell Middle School West, he began developing the video editing skills that today amaze everyone who sees his work.


“What got me interested [in videography] probably was watching movies and thinking, ‘how did they do that?’” Flesher said. “I wanted to try it out, and I’ve gotten hooked on it.”


After joining KCBY-TV his sophomore year, Flesher advanced to become communications director his junior year and eventually one of four program directors his senior year.


Many of his KCBY projects revolve around sports, particularly football. A few months ago, Flesher purchased a drone and flew it above the Buddy Echols Field during a game, capturing a vibrant birds-eye shot of the football team, which the CHS administration is considering printing out, blowing up and hanging inside the fieldhouse.


For the past three years, KCBY has helped him grow as a filmmaker in a multitude of ways.


“[Irma Kennedy], the KCBY teacher, has been a wonderful mentor,” said Sandy Flesher, Landon’s mother. “She’s helped him gain so much knowledge. KCBY has had a huge impact on his life, and I’m sure will help him become very successful in his future.”


Being a video intern at Fellowship Church, where he has volunteered since a young age, Flesher has access to high-quality equipment, as well as the opportunity to learn from professional videographers who work alongside him.


Flesher often aids New Tech [email protected] senior Reese Bonneau by directing music videos for his songs, with their debut being “Throw It Up” which received nearly 5,000 views on YouTube. The video featured several CHS students; when it was released, many CHS teachers played it in their classrooms for students to watch.


Whether he is working on a music video, KCBY segment, church film or something else, Flesher edits nearly every day, with most of his pieces being created using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. His wide array of work can be found on his website, landonflesherfilms.com, which is linked to his YouTube channel.


Although mentors and programs have helped him, in his peers’ eyes the root reason for Flesher’s success is the sheer magnitude of effort he devotes to his craft.


“Landon has always had this crazy work ethic,” senior KCBY program director Vinny Vincenzo said, “He’s always strived to be better at filming, better at editing, and he really does everything he can to improve in his skills. He’s a very hardworking person.”

Landon has always had this crazy work ethic. He’s always strived to be better at filming, better at editing, and he really does everything he can to improve in his skills. He’s a very hardworking person.”

— Vinny Vincenzo

Because he has been relentlessly pursuing his passion for so long, Flesher’s films stand out from the plethora of other students’ videos at CHS.


“His videos have a very specific touch to them,” senior KCBY program director Shania Khan said. “Everyone in KCBY knows when Landon edits a video. He uses very interesting music, [and] the way he places clips together and the way he films things is so unique.”


Although he has not made a final decision, Flesher is considering majoring in film and is particularly interested in the University of North Texas. Whether it be starting a video-making business or creating promotions for professional sports teams, he aspires for his future career to center around videography.


“UNT has a really good video program,” Flesher said. “Also, it’s close to Coppell, and I like the football team so I want to make videos for them. In the future, being a Dallas Cowboys videographer [as my job] would be one of my dreams.”


Flesher has already dedicated several years of his life to videography, and plans to do the same for the rest of his life.


“If you love videography, then do it,” Flesher said. “Keep on trying to learn, try to make things no one’s done before.”


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