Cowboys prepare for first round of playoffs

By Amanda Peck
Staff Writer

The Coppell varsity hockey team finished off their season with an impressive record of 15-6-2. They had a very successful season and are prepared for playoffs.

Playoffs will begin March 9 at 7 p.m. at the Farmers Branch Dr. Pepper Center. The Cowboys are scheduled to play Plano West which was one of their biggest rivals during their season. The Cowboys lost to Plano West all of the three times they played them.  

This puts a lot of pressure on Coppell since their first playoff game is against the one team they did not beat during their regular season. They are training and practicing as much as possible to hopefully come out with their first win against Plano West.

“It is pretty unfortunate that we are scheduled to play our biggest opponent this season in the first round of playoffs,” senior captain Charlie Busch said. “There is nothing we can do about it though, so we are doing our best to practice hard and hopefully come out with a victory.”

Playoffs for hockey are different compared to most high school sports. The teams play at least two games against their opponent, and if they each win one, they will play a third game to break the tie. The winner of that game continues to the next round.

The Cowboys will play Plano West March 9 and March 11, and depending on the outcome of those two games, they will play their third game on March 13. The rest of the Cowboy’s playoff schedule will depend on how they do against Plano West.

If the Coppell wins their first round of playoffs, they will not play any games during spring break. The games will continue the week of March 29 to April 2. Their next opponent will be determined after this week.