Serve yourself a frozen treat at the best yogurt shop in Coppell


Jamie Kimbrell, Staff Writer

Jamie Kimbrell
Staff Writer


Saturday afternoon, I walked into Tappy’s Yogurt with my friends ready to eat at the best yogurt shop in Coppell. As we journeyed to the shop, I excitedly thought about all of the tasty combinations of yogurt and toppings, as well as being ready to spend time with my friends before school started after winter break.

The first thing you see when you walk into Tappy’s Yogurt is the brightly colored walls that make it an inviting space to hang out with friends. As you travel farther into the store, you reach the wall of frozen yogurts.

As I surveyed the different flavors, I decided on Strawberry Shortcake. I went to the machine and pink yogurt flowed out, into the cup – I was only just beginning to build my frozen treat.

With 16 different flavors, Tappy’s always has a flavor to satisfy any customer who comes into the shop. Just choosing the flavor of the rich, creamy frozen yogurt will make your heart warm – contrary to your cold mouth.

But wait, the create your own frozen treat does not end at the yogurt, there are many toppings to make your yogurt just the way you want it. The topping selection ranges from fruity options such as strawberries and boba balls to chocolate choices such as Oreos and KIT KATs, as well as a variety of everything in between.

After I chose my flavor of yogurt, I went down the extensive bar of toppings. I selected fresh strawberries and KIT KATs to top my Strawberry Shortcake yogurt. When I sat down with my friends and tasted the yogurt, the silky texture and mix of toppings was a highlight of our afternoon.
Tappy’s is not only delicious, but very affordable. Once you have created your yogurt, you weigh it to pay for the contents in your bowl. For my cup of yogurt, it cost $3.52 (32 cents per ounce), and I could not believe that something which tasted so good could be so low-priced. With its variety of flavors and toppings, affordable pricing and cheery atmosphere, Tappy’s Yogurt definitely deserves its title of being the best place to get frozen yogurt in Coppell.