DIYs to help make prom memorable, affordable

By Gabby Sahm

Staff Writer

Graphic by Jordan Taylor Bickham.
Graphic by Jordan Taylor Bickham.

The cost for the average teenager to get the perfect dress or tuxedo, a limo and corsage for Prom has risen to a national average of $1,139, according to That figure might seem scary to most seniors who do not have that amount of money to spend on one dance.

For those looking to save a quick buck, here are some “Do-It-Yourself” tips to help you have a night to remember without breaking the bank.

Hair Styles

The pictures you take at your high school prom are going to be something you treasure for years to come, so your makeup and hair should be on point. Going to your local salon to get your hair done can rack up fast, depending on what you want them to do. A simple wash, and style would cost around $40, but that is most likely not all you are going to want. Do your own hair can save huge amounts of money, and lots of time.

For girls with fine hair, or girls going for a more romantic, classic look, nice curls would be the way to go. From beachy curls to tight spirals, curling your hair will make it seem much fuller, and would give you the look you want. Just remember that a little hairspray will go a long way.

For girls with thicker hair or wanting a more sophisticated look, a sleek updo would be just right. This look for give you that touch of elegance, plus it is super easy to do. All you need is a couple hair ties, some bobby pins, a hairbrush and some hairspray then poof, you have a updo.


Going to your local salon to get your makeup done might cost anywhere from 50-100 dollars. It would be much more efficient since you already have all the makeup that matches you. Some girls like to be more bold with their makeup while others like to have more neutral colors. Both types can be pleased by a nice smoky eye look. It gives you that nice pop, without going over the line. If you do not want it to be to dark, use more brown colors as opposed to black. A nice pink lip will pull the whole look together.


Do not fret guys, this is not all about the girls. Corsages can be another unnecessary purchase when you can simply make one yourself. You can get all of the materials you need from your local dollar store or arts and crafts store. Corsages at your local florist might cost anywhere from $20 to $40 depending on what flowers you get and how elaborate you want it. If you choose to construct your own, it will cost you anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on what craft store you go to. Either way, making your own is the better deal. All you need to do is follow these quick steps and have some patience. An articale posted on gives you step by step instructions on how to produce your corsage.


  1. Flowers

  2. Ribbon (3/8″ size)

  3. Green floral wire

  4. Green floral tape

  5. Corsage pins

  6. Scissors for ribbon

  7. Scissors or small pruners for cutting stems/wire

When it comes to actually making the corsage, it is pretty simple. Gather the flowers you want to use, and make sure the stems are cut off. Poke a wire through the base of each flower, forming a smaller stem. Once you have each one done, wrap all the flowers together with the green floral tape. Once you have all the flowers secured in the tape, you can wrap the ribbon of your choice around the stem. Stick some corsage pins in the back, and you have a perfectly good corsage to give to that special date.

Whether you are saving money for college, or just looking to save a quick buck these tips will help make sure you have a night to remember without breaking bank.