Cowboys overwhelm Anderson in season opener, 17-2


By Sloane Samberson

Staff Writer

The boys of Coppell’s varsity lacrosse team were not phased by the Anderson Trojans at Saturday’s season opener.

Although the game was pushed back one day due to poor weather conditions, this benefited the boys by giving them an extra day to mentally and physically prepare for a big win.

The first goal of the game was very exciting being that it was made by senior goalie Johnathan Ferree. It is not typical that goalies will get the chance to score, but Ferree got the opportunity and did not want to waste it.

Seniors Davis Haddock and Nick Hruby scored during the second quarter bumping up the score to 10-0 as the first half ended.

There was not much action at the beginning of the third quarter until the Trojans netted their first goal. Hruby quickly came back and scored another goal making the score 11-1.

The Cowboys continued to score flawlessly until a flag was called against them halfway through the fourth quarter due to a check on the back of an opposing player.

Junior middie A.J. Hauer scored the last goal of the game with 1:30 left in the fourth quarter. The Trojans were extremely close to scoring a third goal due to Ferree leaving the cage, but the Coppell defense came in and checked the ball out. The final score was 17-2.

For some boys, this was their first game playing for the varsity lacrosse team.

“Playing in my first varsity game was really nerve-racking, but hopefully we shook them off for future games,” New Tech sophomore middie Mason Lonborg said.

Players new to the team this season had to go through the process of being initiated by getting their hair shaved into very interesting styles. The head-shaving ceremony took place on Thursday night, so that the new Cowboys would be forced to show off (or, in most cases, hide) their cuts at school on Friday.

“It was very weird seeing everyone walk by you awkwardly staring at your head because half of the hair was there and half of it wasn’t,” New Tech sophomore attack Jackson Stone said.

Despite the odd looks some boys got because of their haircuts, the team was confident and is ready to play their next game, which will be Saturday, Feb. 15 at 5 p.m. against the Westlake Roadrunners at Coppell Middle School West.