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Apps helping students reach new heights

By Gabby Sahm
Staff Writer

Technology is changing everyday. New machines and devices are being created or modified to fit what people need today. Coppell High School is starting to join the change by giving all their students and staff members iPads.

With these new devices, comes apps, and there are some apps you can have on your iPad to help make your life a little easier.

For the past six weeks, students and teachers having been passing around the best and most useful apps to have on their iPads. These apps range from school related ones, to more social ones.

We all know Google Drive is mostly used for presentations, but there is another app that is just as helpful, if not a little better. Nearpod is an app that puts your slideshow on everybody’s iPad so it is right there in front of them. For example, when you finish making your Nearpod, you are given a code. You can give the code to the class, and the presentation will appear on their screen.

Teachers love this app because the presentation can only be controlled by the person who created it. Students  cannot skip ahead in the presentation. Also, the app tells you who currently has the presentation open, and who does not.

Evernote is a great app for school as well. Say you are in class, and your teacher is going over something really important, but you do not have a pen or a piece of paper to write down what they are discussing. Evernote changes all of that, because it is an app dedicated to you taking the best notes you can. You can organize the notes by class, date, and even the location you took the notes at. You can also record your teacher talking about a lesson, or add pictures that go along with your notes.

 Another great app for school that does not get a lot of credit by teachers is Twitter. We all know that Twitter is a social media website, where you can stalk your favorite celebrities or update on the hour what you are up to, but it can actually be a great tool on the learning process. Since so many students these day are always checking their Twitter, it is beneficial if teachers post reminders about homework or tests on Twitter. Students could be scrolling down their feed, and could come across a tweet from their teacher and remember that they have homework to do or a test to study for.

With all these apps at your disposal, it should be easier for students and teachers to achieve new goals in school, as well as outside the classroom.

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