Coppell students aspire to be next Led Zeppelin

Coppell students aspire to be next Led Zeppelin

By Sloane Samberson

Staff Writer

It all started with “Guitar Hero,” a simple game filled with classic rock songs that test how quickly you can interpret upcoming musical notes. This one video game sparked a huge fire in the hearts of three small town boys to chase after their evident passion of listening to and producing great music.

Photo courtesy, Flood the Walls.

Flood The Walls is a local alternative-rock band made up of Coppell High School sophomore Adreesh Roy, sixth grader Chico Roy (Adreesh’s brother) and junior Prashan Jeyarajah. Adreesh is on bass guitar and vocals, Chico is on the drums and Jeyarajah plays the guitar. Each member has been playing their instruments for over five years and have quite some experience.

Flood The Walls has officially been together for four years now and have successfully written 16 original songs. Some of their original songs include “Blueprint,” “Miss Guided” and “This Daze”. Their first ever gig was at Hawaiian Falls water park in 2010.

“We were awful back then. We sounded like a bunch of children trying to get noticed,” Adreesh said. “I don’t even know how we got the gig, they must have seen something we hadn’t seen in ourselves yet.”

Since then they have had plenty of other gigs and competitions like one at O’Riley’s, a club in Dallas, and Curtain Club, a showcase in which they placed second.

“It’s so admirable that they are actively pursuing their dreams at such a young age,” sophomore FTW fan Linda Castranova says.

Their most memorable gig was at the Dallas White Rock Marathon in 2010. They played for two straight hours starting at 7 a.m. in the cold temperatures.

“We had to dip our hands in boiling water in order to play, and even then we couldn’t feel our hands until 10 minutes later,” Jeyarajah says.

They played over 20 songs back to back as runners preserved to the finish line.

“It really showed us how much dedication it takes big named artists to play concerts nearly every night. Like The Beatles had to play hours on hours, I don’t know how they did it,” Adreesh said.

They are greatly inspired by the Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. By adding a little bit of Led Zeppelin’s instrumental style, the Arctic Monkey’s lyrical sense and the creativity of RHCP, outcomes FTW’s beautiful music.

“The greatest thing about performing is definitely the feedback,” Adreesh said.

Frequent concert goers can vouch that at any concert, fans go ballistic for their favorite artists. You can even tell how much the artists appreciate the praise by the looks on their faces.

“The compliments we get after we perform are also really nice too,” Chico said.

On Oct. 4, they will be playing at a house party with another local band, Around the Sun. If you are ever looking for their next upcoming gig, check their Twitter account @FloodTheWalls. Also, if you just want to get a feel for their music, go to YouTube and search floodthewallsband.