Soccer Notebook: unexpected injuries in Coppell Soccer

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Soccer Notebook: unexpected injuries in Coppell Soccer

Allie Arnold

Sports Writer Soccer_Notebook


Most concussions occur in sports that are known for having a lot of head-on physical contact, such as football and lacrosse. However, many do not realize head injuries happen in sports that don’t even require a helmet, including soccer.


It is typical for soccer players to have sore legs and feet after practice or games. While the lower body chiefly used for the sport, it is not uncommon for soccer players to have headaches.


“It’s weird because after practice, I usually find my head hurting a lot because of the headers that we do in scrimmages,” sophomore midfielder Rachel Koury said.  “A lot of people don’t know the kind of force a soccer ball has when it’s thrown at you or coming down from 30 feet in the air. It hurts and it usually gives me a headache for the rest of the day.”


Head injuries can also be caused by physical contact with other players. In soccer, in order to get the ball, it requires a lot of pushing and shoving to gain possession.


“I’ve been elbowed, hit and even kicked in the head before,” Koury said. “Concussions are a possibility in every game so you have to be cautious with your aggression.”


To prevent head injuries, there is a certain way that the ball is supposed to hit the head for a header.


“The ball is supposed to hit you right on your hair line, kind of more on your forehead,” freshman coach Robin DeArmond said. “If it hits you on top of the head, back of the head, or in the face, then there is more of a chance that a head injury will occur and it will hurt a lot more.”



Last district game quickly approaching

The Cowgirl’s last district game is tomorrow night at Lewisville starting at 7:30. The Cowgirls hope to end the season with a bang and win big before advancing to the state tournament,


Ending season brings sorrow for many

When asked what the girls will miss most about their season, most will be in agreement that they will miss playing with their teammates every week.

“I’m going to miss the girls so much because I have become so close to all of them,” senior goal keeper Mckenna Arras said. It’s definitely going to be  hard not playing with them every day.”



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