Academies flex their Fridays


By Corrina Taylor
Staff Writer

Crowds of students accumulate in various areas throughout the school; design challenges, blood drives and various guest speakers fill the schedules of the busy academy students. Today marks the first day of Flexible Fridays.

The idea behind the Flexible Fridays was to give the academy students the opportunity to meet up with everyone in the academy to discuss upcoming events or other issues.

The morning consisted of a design challenge for the STEM students, the Carter Blood Drive for the PSA students and a Q&A for the EMAC students. Afterwards students had a study hall in the library to complete work.

“It’s an original idea,” junior STEM president Clayton Howeth said. “We have more flexibility to go to each of our teachers if we are having trouble or missed a lesson. We can go back to the classroom and they can reteach the lesson and help us out.”

During third the academies joined together and was debriefed before splitting up into their separate academies to go over information before they went their separate ways.

At this point the serious issues of upcoming events were discussed and EMAC students set up designated roles for the Film Festival on Apr. 29.

EMAC had various committees for the festival such as logistics, sponsorship, concessions and publicity.

“Each of the committees will meet during or outside of school to figure out what they need to do to be ready for the film festival,” junior EMAC President Megan Menegay.

The PSA academy discussed their busy schedule and their successful blood drive. In the future the students can look forward to Relay for Life and a book drive consolidation with the Coppell’s Lions Club.

“PSA has the biggest team at Relay for Life and every year it is fun working on it and getting a team together,” junior PSA historian Megan Alberse said.

After a busy morning of getting everything planned out the students enjoyed a fun lunch in the lecture hall watching The Avengers, and brave students embraced the cold and ventured to the park for their lunch.

The afternoon consists of lectures from doctors, journalist’s professors and more.  Academy students had the flexibility to schedule their day as they saw fit, regardless of which academy was holding the lecture.

“We always had a vision [with the academies] to do things a little different,” associate principal Michelle Kellen said. “We thought it would be really good to try this in the spring and next year we can do them more often.”