Kindergarten students write letters to Santa with help of seniors

By Nikki Dabney

Staff Writer

Today during second period the K4 class at Cottonwood Elementary visited Ms. Neal’s senior AP English IV class to get help writing their letters to Santa.

This tradition started more than 20 years ago when Mockingbird Elementary kindergarten teacher Maggie Meginnis contacted AP English IV teacher Kim Pearce about taking her students to the high school to work on their lettering writing skills.

The kindergarten students take their letters home to show their parents who then ship them off to the North Pole. They also write letters back to the seniors thanking them for their help.

Meginnis moved to Cottonwood Elementary and the tradition followed. Four years ago, when former Coppell High School principal Brad Hunt’s daughter was in kindergarten, assistant principal Sean Bagley decided to dress up as Santa for the kids.

It soon became an expectation that Santa was there for each class, and a new tradition evolved.