CHS clubs are getting into full swing

By Jordan Bickham
Staff Writer

As students are getting back into the swing of school, extracurricular clubs are also getting back into the school year.  This week marks numerous first-of-the-year club meetings in order to attract attention and to get things organized for the rest of the year.  Many clubs are meeting such as the new Economics Club, that met for the first time this past Thursday in Bob White’s room (C204) and the National Art Honor Society meeting for the first time in Elsa Reynolds’ (E102) room today after school.

Most of the clubs are getting together just to elect officers and map out the rest of the year, so right now is the best time to get involved.  Participating in a club is a huge aspect of high school and is a way for students to get to meet each other and get involved at the school.  While it may seem difficult to find clubs to get involved in, the daily announcements during either third or fifth period include many dates and times of club meetings for students to come to.  Some club meetings coming up include the Red Cross Club tomorrow after school, the National Honor Society before and after school tomorrow as well as the Invisible Children Club meeting after school tomorrow in C107.

So remember to listen to your daily announcements and check out the various clubs around CHS within the next few weeks!