TAKS week brings changes in schedules, student moods

By Kristen Shepard
Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again: TAKS Week. For the seniors and freshmen lucky enough to escape the state-mandated TAKS tests, this week will be a quick and easy one complete with four consecutive days of late arrival.

For Coppell High School’s sophomores and juniors, this week will be a different story. Both classes will be taking the Math, Science and Social Studies TAKS appropriate to their grade level.

Coppell is fortunate to not to have to worry too much about these tests, as CHS has a very strong track record of performing well on TAKS. Regardless, many teachers embed TAKS preparation into their curriculum, while others fully believe their students are prepared adequately for these tests.

TAKS is no shocker to sophomores and juniors at CHS though, as many students have been taking the tests since third grade. While many students and teachers find the tests simple and even tedious, these tests provide valuable feedback
about a school’s performance and help to re-evaluate curriculum standards.

As for scheduling, the TAKS tests will cause students to attend only certain classes on certain days. On Tuesday and Thursday, all students will attend fourth, third, second and first periods, respectively. However, on Wednesday and
Friday, all students will attend fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh period classes. Students should also take notes of changes in bell schedules, dismissal times will remain the same.

For the sophomores and juniors jealous of the freshman who are catching a break this week, there is little to envy. Freshman will be taking the STAAR tests, which are rumored to be more difficult and will contribute to the students overall grade point average. Not only this, these STAAR exams are subject based, therefore making the tests more appropriate to the courses high school students take.