Sports teams chip in to raise breast cancer awareness

By Amanda Peck
Staff Writer

October is breast cancer awareness month and many sports teams at CHS and around the state are showing their support by wearing clothes and having fundraisers.

At various high schools and colleges around the state, volleyball teams are holding their annual Dig for the Cure fundraiser. When the fundraiser was started, very few college volleyball teams actually held the event, but now over 200 high school and collegiate teams hold the fundraiser annually.

The CHS volleyball teams go all out for this event by wearing their pink “Dig for the Cure” t-shirts instead of their jerseys and wearing pink sweatbands.

“I love the Dig for the Cure game,” senior Taylor Meade said. “Not only think is it a wonderful way to support those suffering from breast cancer, it is also the game that most of our fans come to support us and to contribute to the Dig for the Cure fundraiser.”

Although volleyball has an actual event called Dig for the Cure, it is not the only sport that shows support for breast cancer. Several NFL teams are doing things like wearing pink cleats or using pink sweatbands and towels. The Dallas Cowboys staff is wearing pink ribbon pins and the players are using pink Gatorade towels on the sidelines this month. Those towels will be autographed and auctioned off with the money going to different breast cancer charities.

“I think it is cool that sports teams such as the Cowboys are doing things like wearing pink to support the breast cancer cause,” senior football captain Patrick Hogan said. “I know that volleyball does Dig for the Cure, but I wish that other teams could support the cause by holding fundraisers too.”

At the University of Texas, the basketball, volleyball and football teams are supporting the Horns for Hope fundraiser this month. They have designated different games and events specifically to raise awareness for breast cancer. Like the other teams around the state, the UT teams will be wearing   pink during different games to raise awareness around the campus and community. Fans are encouraged to wear pink to these events as well.  On Saturday Oct. 7 at the Texas vs. Colorado football game, the players all wore a pink ribbon sticker on the back of their helmets and the coaches wore pink ribbon pins.

All of the events and fundraisers dedicated to the breast cancer awareness cause have been successful in not only raising money but in promoting awareness for the cause as well. By having these sports teams wear pink and raise money, people around the state and even nation have been encouraged to do so as well.