Pure talent in Purely Rhythmic concert

Pure talent in Purely Rhythmic concert

Percussion students practice after school for their upcoming show, Purely Rhythmic with director Alan Miller. Photo by Ivy Hess.

By Tolu Salako

Staff Writer

Students hear them at the pep rallies, in the stands and on the field, but once fall is over, they cease to hear from them until the next year rolls around.

However, these percussionists do not just rest after the fall; they are in the band hall almost every day after school preparing for their upcoming concert, Purely Rhythmic.

Coppell High School percussionists are working for more than six hours per week to prepare for this annual concert, working to make it even better than before.

These students have been playing percussion for more than four years and have developed advanced musical skills. Almost every day before and after school, the percussionists work to enhance their skills in order to make this show their best yet.

“I like to feel as if the percussion is the heartbeat of the band,” sophomore Mikki Hoffman said. “I like to feel the rhythms and beat rather than the melody.”

Some of the pieces to be featured at this concert include ‘Head Talk,’ a piece in which the percussionists will only be playing on the heads of the drums with no shell, making it one of the percussion section’s favorite.

The ensemble concert will be split up into two nights. The first night will feature all of Coppell middle school percussionists, and the second will feature the CHS percussionists, who will be performing more advanced pieces.“People can expect to see a lot of hard marimba pieces, which is very technical, and some fun pieces that will keep the audience entertained,” sophomore Ali Martinez said. “I will also be performing a solo called ‘El Tour de Ritmo.’”

For some, this percussion ensemble concert will sadly be their last, making this concert the most memorable one of them all.

“I am going to miss playing with really talented people who always try their best.” Drum captain senior Jamie Reed said. “I will always remember this group when I am playing drums at San Diego State next year.”

Many of the instruments that will be featured include marimba, multi-percussion instruments, drum-set, bells, and many more. With the correct synchronization and technicality of each piece, this particular concert will be challenging, yet fun for all of the musicians.

“[At the concert] there will be serious music, light hearted music and silly music,” percussion instructor Alan Miller said. “[The concert] will have a little bit of everything. Compared to the previous years, there will be more pieces, harder music than we have done before, and more variety.”

Coppell percussionists are working diligently to make this concert their best yet. With unique pieces and talented musicians, the Purely Rhythmic concert is sure to be amazing. The concert is March 3 at 7 p.m.