Kierra Holst goes out with a bang, wins tournament MVP

Kierra Holst goes out with a bang, wins tournament MVP

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer
Photo by Ivy Hess

After spiking the ball into the face of the competition, senior middle blocker Kierra Holst not only hoisted the Class 5A state championship trophy above her head she was also awarded the tournament’s most valuable player of the tournament.

The Cowgirls defeated McKinney Boyd on Nov. 19 in four games to win the first state championship in CHS volleyball history.

“I was extremely surprised when I got MVP,” Holst said. “I didn’t expect to go all the way from the beginning of the season but winning state and getting the honor of MVP was incredible and has made a great senior year.”

The 6-4 standout started playing volleyball a little later than most of the girls on the team. While many of the girls began playing at the club level before middle school Holst started at age 14. She quickly fell in love with the sport and since then has played on club teams and has been a member of the varsity squad for three years.

“I really enjoy volleyball because its fast paced and really intense because you are constantly playing,” Holst said.

Throughout this season Holst was a huge player for the Cowgirls. Not only does her height contribute to her success on the court but her ability to get up on the net to block and also to pick where she spikes was definitely a contributing factor to the Cowgirl’s victory.

“She’s a tall, explosive player that brings a lot of intensity to the team and really leaves it all on the court,” junior outside hitter Cassidy Pickrell said.

In the championship game Holst had outstanding statistics gaining 19 of the team’s 41 kills. Also, Holst had five blocks and two aces in the four-match game. No surprise there though, earlier in the season Holst was also awarded blocker of the district by the coaches within the Cowgirls district.

“I didn’t achieve MVP on my own,” Holst said. “I couldn’t have done it without the defense and the setters.”

Holst not only was a top player for the team this past season she was also a major leader for the girls. With a new coach at the beginning of the season Holst made it a point to try and bring the team together in practice and in games.

“This season I really tried to lead be example,” Holst said. “I tried to talk all the time on the court to keep up the intensity.”

Volleyball coach Julie Green, this being her first year with the Cowgirls, was extremely impressed with Holst throughout the season and looked to her in big games.

“She does a great job blocking but at the same time she can strike from pin to pin,” Green said. “She also showed up to practice ready to work and ready to play. She’s just such a dynamic player and I feel like her passion for the game motivates all of us.”

Green agrees Holst more than deserved the MVP award while they were in San Marcos because of her defensive and offensive attributes.

“Kierra was all over the place,” Green said. “She really made a difference in at state not only because of her skill but because of her ability to step up and make big plays in big moments.”

After this incredible season for Holst she will continue playing volleyball in college at the University of Oklahoma.

“When I visited I wasn’t extremely excited about the school but I really liked it afterwards because they have a great team and great coaches,” Holst said. “It feels a little bittersweet to be done with Coppell volleyball because I liked playing with all of my friends and its sad to leave them behind but at the same time I’m really excited for college.”