Richards’ interior design class gains exquisite opportunity

By Christina Burke
Staff Writer

On Wednesday, CHS teacher Becky Richards was approached by Shalone Williams and Tami Martins. They asked if Richards’ second period Interior Design class would be interested in taking part in executing a 21st century blended learning virtual classroom that is to be constructed in CHS in the near future. Richards was honored for her students to be offered such an experience.

If the offer is carried through,which will be finally determined next week, this group of 21 students would be helping with details such as designing the classroom from top to bottom. They would help with backgrounds, lighting, technology, furniture, and spacing; there might even be a coffee kiosk.

Richards is hoping that the students get to carry though with the offer because it would allow them to in-vision and help build the perfect classroom, and it would be a grand learning experience for this class.