Useful SAT strategies for Saturday’s test

Many CHS students will be attending local schools this Saturday morning to take the SAT in hopes of scoring big for future plans in college. While some students who go in “blind” for the tests, meaning no prior knowledge or tutoring, the majority, including myself have been planning and studying religiously for the big day. Below I have listed my top 5 strategies for the SAT test:

1. Get a good nights rest and have a healthy breakfast in the morning. This will help fuel your effort while taking the test and ensures that you will not zone out while testing.

2. Be relaxed and confident during your test day.

3. Pace is apparent! Don’t dwindle with questions, be sure to keep a steady pace so that you can get to all the questions.

4. Use the process of elimination in search of the right answer.

5. Making an educated guess can help your score tremendously, but only guess if you can eliminate at least two of the answers.

Good luck to all testers this weekend! For more information concerning scheduling and registration for the SAT/ACT visit Collegeboard.