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Senior vegetarians stand up for a cause

Senior vegetarians stand up for a cause

December 16, 2011

By Dyer Whit Staff Writer In today’s meat eating world, vegetarians undoubtedly prove themselves as a group of minorities among the rest of the world. The trials and hardships of being a vegetarian are often overlooked, but for three Coppell High School students, vegetarianism stands for more t...

Useful SAT strategies for Saturday’s test

November 2, 2011

Many CHS students will be attending local schools this Saturday morning to take the SAT in hopes of scoring big for future plans in college. While some students who go in "blind" for the tests, meaning no prior knowledge or tutoring, the majority, including myself have been planning and studying religiously...

Class of 2012 embodies senior swagger

September 30, 2011

By Dyer Whitt Staff Writer As the school year strikes with full force for the students at Coppell High School, the class of 2012 prepares to take its throne with class. Webster’s defines seniority as “priority, precedence, or status obtained as the result of a person's length of service,” and ...