Senior traditions begin

Kara Adkins

Staff Writer

There are many aspects of senior year students look forward to far before they take their first glorious steps onto the senior bridge. One of the most anticipated senior traditions is making and wearing senior overalls.  The senior girls finally got to show off their hard work and creativity at school last Friday by filling up the hallways with glitter, sequins, and a diversity of fabrics. Senior overalls are a tradition at Coppell High school that the graduating class has the privilege of taking part in. Senior girls spend countless hours planning, designing, and creating their senior overalls prior to the school year in order to wear them on game days.  While some girls take the crafty approach and decide to make their overalls themselves, others look for much needed help and pay others to create their dream overalls for them. The class of 2012 is filled with excitement knowing that it is finally their time to take part in this senior tradition.