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Coppell High School algebra II and honors pre-calculus teacher Lucy Grimmett (right) poses with CHS9 ESL facilitator Jessica Lynch (middle) and CHS9 world geography teacher Brittany Scruggs (left) at CHS9 in their senior overalls from attending CHS. Grimmett returned to CHS this year after teaching at CHS9 for three years. Photo courtesy Grimmett

“Be safe and make good choices”

Victoria Hertel, Student Life Editor August 26, 2020

After teaching honors and on-level algebra I at Coppell High School, Lucy Grimmett moved to CHS9 to teach in 2018. This year, she returned to CHS to teach algebra II and pre-calculus. Grimmett grew up...

Senior overalls available for junior girls

April 30, 2013

By Christina Burke Features Editor As senior year approaches for the Coppell High School Class of 2014, many junior girls are beginning to prepare their traditional senior overalls for the following...

Coppell Tradition Continues and Extends

September 6, 2012

By Tina Huang Staff Writer A new year and a new batch of seniors. This time around, it is the 2013 seniors. If you have gone to Coppell for a decent amount of time, you may have noticed the Senior...

Last day to purchase senior overalls

May 3, 2012

By Sarah Police Staff Writer As the class of 2012 prepares to graduate it is time for the juniors to step up and prepare to be the 2013 seniors. There are several things to do over the summer regarding...

Senior traditions begin

August 29, 2011

Kara Adkins Staff Writer There are many aspects of senior year students look forward to far before they take their first glorious steps onto the senior bridge. One of the most anticipated senior...

Photo Gallery: First week of school

Photo Gallery: First week of school

August 27, 2011

Photos by Jack Ficklen, Jodie Woodward, Rachel Bush and Rowan Khazendar

Senior overalls go on sale

May 10, 2011

Kara Adkins Staff Writer Today, May 10, marked the beginning of sales for senior overalls. During lunch time in the commons, parents will be selling overalls to upcoming senior girls for $40. The overalls...

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