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By Katie Quill
Photo Editor
Video by Haley Powers and Christina Baker, KCBY

While most Coppell students have been focused on the recent successes of the football team and general homecoming madness, another group has been hard at work behind the scenes on the upcoming musical, Anything Goes.

After three demanding days of tryouts consisting of singing, dancing and acting, a cast of 42 was selected to be part of the show.

Since their selection, the cast members have been hard at work, with three-hour rehearsals run four times a week and additional hours put in as needed.

“Everyone in the cast puts in a lot of hours and works really hard to bring the show to a point where it’s ready for opening night,” senior Brian O’Connor said. “But it all pays off in the end.”

The plot of the comedy is very close to that of Titanic, though the cruise liner in Anything Goes never sinks. The musical takes place on a ship in the 1920s, and over the course of the show a number of inevitable love triangles are formed.

Lead roles are played by seniors Dinah Smith (Reno) and Whitney Norman (Hope) and junior Mackenzie Orr (Billy).

The show will premiere the weekend of Oct 31st and performances will take place during the following weekend.

“The play is really starting to come together,” said Dinah Smith. “I’m really looking forward to seeing it and hope everyone enjoys it!”

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