EOC Exams

Chris Cummins
Staff Writer

End of Course Exams take place today, with freshmen and juniors taking off their 1st through 3rd period classes to sit for the experimental exams. EOCs, as the name would imply, are standardized tests that are intended to solidify and uphold standards throughout multiple school districts, rather than hoping that the level of education is adequate for each. Purported to identify problems that would not have been discovered otherwise, the tests are intended to gauge college readiness, and are worth 15% of a student’s final grade.

I think this is a great idea, as TAKS are far too broad and generalized, testing skills learned early on in high school that must be far more advanced in college courses. Also, the tests will require students who don’t take AP classes to study and work in order to pass the test, giving them an idea of the rigor collegiate coursework requires.

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