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Guide to this week’s AP, state testing

May 5, 2014

By Kara Hallam Staff Writer With over 25 exams being administered in the next two weeks, it can be hard to keep track of Advanced Placement  (AP) testing and End-of-Course (EOC) exams. Below, is what students need to know for test day from schedules to rules and even a few tips and study guides. For...

Juniors take EOC test

April 7, 2011

Chase Porter Staff Writer Today, April 7, Juniors and selected freshmen classes took the EOC test or the End of Course Exam that will replace the TAKS tests in the coming years. The EOC, which is similar to the TAKS in which it is split into science, english, math and history sections. I, myself being a member of the junior class, had the displeasure of taking the EOC test today in the small gym. I found it...

EOC Exams

April 7, 2011

Chris Cummins Staff Writer End of Course Exams take place today, with freshmen and juniors taking off their 1st through 3rd period classes to sit for the experimental exams. EOCs, as the name would imply, are standardized tests that are intended to solidify and uphold standards throughout multiple...

English EOC

April 6, 2011

Kara Adkins staff writer Thursday and Friday of this week students will be taking the EOC during their first through third period classes. Even though this is not a grade and can be viewed as a test run for next year, all juniors and selected freshman classes will be taking the End of Course t...

EOC soon replacing TAKS test

March 22, 2011

Kara Adkins Staff Writer It must be the time of year every student dreads. It begins with teachers giving the annual speech about eating a good breakfast and being well rested and ends with five hours in a classroom; it must be TAKS week. But for incoming freshman next year they will not get to experie...