Intramural Sports Back in Action

Chase Porter
Staff Writer

In the wide world of sports one league trumps all others. No it’s not the NFL or the NBA, it’s the intramural league at Coppell High School.

Intramurals have been present here for three years and they are currently bigger than ever. They allow students to play sports for the fun of the game instead of being on one of the school teams. Also, the students get to play a wide range of sports from Ultimate Frisbee to dodge ball and create their own teams within their group of friends.

These games are officiated by selected teachers and assistant and the teams are required to fill out safety forms and team rosters. A small registration fee is also required for any team so that equipment can be purchased or replaced.

For flag football, most of the normal football rules apply in addition to penalties for tackling. There is a limit to the number of varsity football players on each team, which is two. Dodge ball’s rules are the same as the rules you played with at recess with 6 on 6 teams and 6 balls. Headshots are not encouraged, however.

This year, flag football and dodge ball seasons are starting up soon with flag footballs first games being played on Saturday morning. At the moment, there are 14 teams signed up to play the 7 on 7 games. The teams this spring range from 7 to 11 players and the games will last two running half’s of 18 minutes.

Many of these teams have been competition since their freshman year and are ready to try and win an intramural championship t- shirt.

“Intramurals aren’t as competitive as school sports but they can get pretty rough,” junior Irfan Riyaj said. “In the end its all fun and games though.”

Also, many of the teams that have been together for multiple years have many rivalries with the other teams in the league.

“Well being a member of the Darkness, I have a rivalry with the JB’s and Fresh To Death because they are a bunch of our friends and we like to rub it in their faces if we win,” junior Phillip Ellis said.

Sherri Hankins, an assistant principal here at CHS, has been involved with the intramural process for many years now and has recently taken over the position as intramural sponsor. She was also a promoter of the intramural leagues to get them up and running and now they have been running strong for the last three years.

“I really like the intramural sports because they are just for fun and you can create a team with your friends,” Ms. Hankins said. “Also the team names are usually pretty funny.”

This year the school is planning to have only 6 seasons of intramurals including two ultimate seasons, basketball, flag football, and dodge ball. Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee will be the last leagues this spring to end the school year so if you planning on playing get your team together, talk some smack and have some fun.

Intramural dodge ball kicked off on Tuesday night and the competition got heated.