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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Local residents request council to take action in Gaza

Sukirtha Muthiah
In the Coppell City Council meeting on Tuesday, Irving resident Ziba Han addressed the significance of Texan families doing anything they can to help the families in Gaza, requesting the council to issue a cease-fire resolution. The meeting also included conversations about local road developments and upcoming events.

During Tuesday’s  Coppell City Council meeting, local residents within the Dallas-Fort Worth area urged the council to issue a cease-fire resolution for the families in Gaza, discussing how the crisis impacts families within our local community. 

A range of topics were discussed, ranging from the approval of local park renovations to focusing on urgent international issues. 

Within the United States, Texas is the second largest state and has the eighth largest global economy, ranking 42nd for pollution in the nation.

“In this state of 30 million people, Texas has purchased $185,000,000 of Israeli bonds so that the Israeli government may bomb two million Gazan civilians. Gaza is a Texan problem,” Irving resident Ziba Han said. “Families in Texas are going hungry so families in Gaza may be starved. Families in Texas sleep on the streets so that families in Gaza may be killed on theirs.”

Han acknowledged how Texas veterans are suffering so that soldiers in Israel may be armed, addressing the fact that freeing their resources from war can hopefully bring peace and stability abroad and at home. Begging for the council to start the process of sponsoring a cease-fire resolution for Gaza, Han concludes by discussing how ethnic cleansing is coming at Texas’s expense, disregarding each individual’s opinion on where they stand for supporting Palestine. 

“The fact is this matter of injustice has reached an imaginable scale that there is no doubt that such injustice being allowed will continue to degrade our nation and communities,” Irving resident Fadya Roshyeg said. “As the people of America, we have a duty to stand up for principles of freedom, peace, justice and our reputation. I once again call on you to take action and to raise your voice as community leaders, to take a stand on the right side of history, please call for a cease-fire.”

Moving forward to discussing the consent agenda consisting of constructing the installation of a perimeter fence around the Wagon Wheel Park soccer practice fields, with $176,790.20 budgeted by the Coppell Recreation Development Corporation Fund. With no votes opposing the motion, it was approved, giving Custard Construction Services the green light to begin construction.

Additionally, the council provided updates on the South Belt Line Road project, highlighting the progress made so far on road improvements and signaled a target completion date by April.

“Hopefully there will come a day in these next few months where I will not have to talk about South Belt Line Road. The contractor continues to work on the sub-paving and traffic signals between Hackberry Creek and I-635,” Coppell city manager Mike Land said. “They’re also currently working on the Freeport Parkway crossing which is one of the roughest crossings we have in town, and they will be closing the road to install the tracks from Feb. 23-26.”

The meeting concluded with the council sharing recent successful and upcoming community events, including the Commodores concert at the Coppell Arts Center and reminders about the upcoming May 4 election filing period.

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Sukirtha Muthiah
Sukirtha Muthiah, Business Manager
Sukirtha Muthiah is a junior and the business manager for The Sidekick. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading way too many historical-fiction novels, and dancing. You can contact her at [email protected] or on X (@suki_muthiah).

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