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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Citizens urge council to reject high-density housing, expand pickleball facilities

Katie Park
Candy Sheehan addressed plans to expand pickleball facilities in Coppell to provide more courts to players. The construction of a new fire station was approved and citizens urged the council to reject high-density housing during the regular session on April 9.

On Tuesday, the Coppell City Council meeting was filled with debate over the construction of a new affordable senior living facility, and pleas to expand the city’s pickleball facilities.

Roers, a real estate development and investment company based in Minnesota, had plans to construct a 9.9 acre, four-story high-density living complex to house residents 55 and older as well as other working class professionals in Coppell.

The building would offer one and two bedroom apartments, with two people allowed per unit, requiring at least one resident to be 55 or older.

Roers has embarked on 10 projects around Texas, three of which have been finished only recently.

However, this use of land brought concerns too many Coppell residents that were living within 200 ft.

They mentioned how the new densely packed building would worsen commutes and increase traffic during school hours. Additionally, they also mentioned how pollution from the construction would further impact life in their community.

This eventually convinced the board to reject the land use proposal.

“I think the citizens of Coppell made it quite clear about their lack of appetite for high density housing, especially for a $40 million project not paying any property tax,” councilman Mark Hill said.

The proposal was also rejected because it was thought not to align with Coppell’s land use policy and future vision.  

“The fact that we are having to shoehorn it [high-density senior housing] into an urban residential neighborhood classification shows that this wasn’t something contemplated as an appropriate land use for this community,” councilman Jim Walker said.

Citizens also came to the meeting to encourage the council to expand pickleball facilities. These residents hope to see expanded pickleball facilities at Wagon Wheel park.

Another concern is the overcrowding of these pickleball facilities due to residents of other cities flooding into Wagon Wheel due to cheaper pricing, displacing Coppell citizens.

“I’m not sure what we wanted for city facilities is for our citizens to be on the waitlist and have out of city, non taxpayers, get in front of our citizens who paid,” former mayor Candy Sheehan said.

Residents also claimed that these pickleball facilities could generate new revenue for the city as well as provide a sense of community among pickleball-playing adults of all backgrounds.

The council also approved the construction of a new fire station in a currently under-serviced area between the two existing stations, and also approved the construction of new Charity and transitional housing.

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Yug Talukdar
Yug Talukdar, Staff Writer
Yug is a sophomore and a staff writer. He has enjoyed since 2017 watching soccer and his favorite team is Arsenal. He reads historical and philosophical fiction such as 1984 as a hobby. Yug hopes to grow in communication, writing and photography skills as a journalist and meet new people. You can contact him at [email protected].
Katie Park
Katie Park, Staff Writer
Katie Park is a sophomore and a first year member of the Sidekick. In her spare time she enjoys sewing and designing her clothing. Continuing along the artistic front, Katie loves using acrylic paint to recreate/draw inspiration from Monet’s paintings. Katie is also a multi instrumentalist, and can play the piano, ukulele, and guitar. A song she loves to play on the piano is Clair de Lune, because it was featured on one of her favorite movies, Twilight. Besides the classical piece Clair de Lune, Katie’s favorite music artists are Laufey and Taylor swift. Her favorite song from Laufey is “Lovesick” and her most favorite Taylor Swift album is Red. Outside of the classroom, Katie finds entertainment in the novels she reads. Recently, Katie completed the ‘A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder’ series while she was in Taiwan this summer. Being of Taiwanese and Korean heritage, Katie explores different aspects of her culture by testing her spice levels regarding Korean food. In the future, Katie aspires to work in the medical field. Like many others, this inspiration arose from her watching of the medical drama series, “Grey’s Anatomy.” She already has a jumpstart to her career this year-by taking both health science and medical terminology.

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