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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Council opting for Smart City approach in 2040

Pranavi Ramineni
Coppell citizens express concern over Drone usage in the district. Some common concerns might include invasion of privacy, noise pollution, potential accidents or collisions, and worries about surveillance or misuse of drones by authorities or individuals.

On Tuesday, the Coppell City Council meeting covered plans to apply the concepts of a Smart City for the purpose of a more environmentally cohesive community. 

This approach is mostly grasped by citizens with a positive outlook, as it comes with the promise of reliance on local sources of energy/water. The project is expected to be completed by 2040, having achieved many ecologically progressive goals for the city. 

However, concerns over converting Coppell to a Smart City were voiced by citizen Sue McCarthy. 

“I was made aware that there is a backdoor into all technology, and it can be hacked. You have had that happen, with data being released,” McCarthy said. 

McCarthy said sustaining a Smart City would not create tax revenue because a more technology-oriented society would leave less jobs available for citizens. 

Fulgent Genetics, Inc., a company centered around certain pathological subspecialties (dermatology, gastrointestinal, surgical, etc.) in order to perform readings on cancer patient’s samples, expressed interest in a building location in Coppell. 

A public hearing was held to speak in favor/against creating a reinvestment zone so as to pass a tax abatement. Two components of the [tax abatement] process were completed Tuesday evening, to be followed up with a public hearing notice on their company website for the next 30 days. 

Director of Community Development and Economic Development at the City of Coppell, Mindy Hurley, expressed Fulgent Genetics’ intentions for a permanent location in Coppell. 

“Buying a building [in Coppell] is significant because that means the company is invested in the welfare of the community long-term,” Hurley said. 

Over the course of Tuesday’s meeting, council members discussed Coppell’s competition with Southlake and Keller for the most fit city in 2024. Councilman Mark Hill stated that early voting ran through April 30, with the election being held on May 4. 

Councilman Don Carroll applauded Coppell’s public safety staff for their sentimental gesture welcoming cancer patient Lauren Gutierrez back to Mockingbird Elementary School on Monday morning. 

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Riya Prasad
Riya Prasad, Staff Writer
Riya Prasad is a sophomore and a first year staff writer on The Sidekick. She plays badminton with her friends on the weekends and often listens to Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift. Her favorite Lana Del Rey songs are “Salvatore” from the album Honeymoon and “Gods and Monsters” from the album Born to Die-Paradise Edition. Her favorite Taylor Swift songs are “illicit affairs”, “Last Kiss”, and “You’re Losing Me”. She loves reading and her current book is “Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece’’ by Gustavo Schwab. You can contact her at [email protected].
Pranavi Ramineni
Pranavi Ramineni, Staff Writer
As you walk into the lavender room of Coppell High School sophomore Pranavi Ramineni, your eyes may catch the Haikyu poster, or a picture of Pranavi as a child with her grandfather, maybe her Coppell Middle School West Team Volleyball poster or the plethora of underwater watercolor paintings. Each of these are a facet of her identity. As your eyes continue to wander, they will set on the girl perched on her bed watching TV. You will first notice Pranavi’s hair, always out and as expressive as her. “There is a lot of my story behind my hair,” Ramineni said. “I cut my hair twice in elementary for cancer patients. In third grade, I cut it 12 inches. In fifth grade, I cut it eight inches.” But that inherent kindness to help the community shows in everything Pranavi does. As a first-year staffer on The Sidekick, Pranavi initially joined to surprise her friend for their birthday but continued because of her hopes to be a cartoonist and page designer. Regardless of whether she is painting with watercolor or singing for the Coppell Choir, Pranavi believes people can tell a story through a variety of mediums. In her free time, she enjoyed reading books, watching TV shows like the Real Housewives, or sitting at the local neighborhood park with friends that are able to be wholeheartedly themselves. In the future, Pranavi wants to apply computer science to the world of architecture and interior designing. You can contact her by emailing [email protected].

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