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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

On the red carpet

The best of the class of 2024
Avani Munji
Coppell High School seniors nominated their fellow peers for different awards categories. Here are the 24 seniors who shine underneath the spotlight for their respective categories.
Ava Johnson

Most likely to style themselves for a red carpet event

Laura Liao

Michaelangelo saw the soul inside the marble and freed it through his carvings. Coppell High School senior Laura Liao sees the potential in thrift clothing and frees it through her alterations. Liao only started immersing herself in fashion last summer, but she’s already living it and breathing it.

What started as doodles on blank mannequin outlines as a child turned into searching for and making the perfect clothing pieces to fit the Acubi style without feeding into fast fashion.

“Fashion is what gives me my skin,” Liao said. “By myself, I am myself, but then with my clothes on, I feel more me because it’s very expressive. It’s like a new skin.”

While Liao will study biomedical engineering at Texas A&M, she hopes to open her own fashion line on the side in the future and give confidence to people of all body shapes.

Jaedin Khuc

Oversized jackets and baggy jeans mark Coppell High School senior Jaedin Khuc’s fashion style along with neutral tones and earthy colors. It is hard to think someone so stylish is colorblind. 

Khuc suffers from protanomaly, a color blindness that impacts reds and greens but affects most colors, but he doesn’t let that limit him from expressing himself through clothing.

It was pretty difficult at first and there was a lot of trial and error,” Khuc said. “I would wear things and people would tell me the colors don’t match. I usually try to stick to a certain color group. I just memorize color combinations and then apply it to what I have in my closet.

Furthering his passion in design, Khuc plans to major in architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington.


Most likely to host SNL

Arjun Krishnan

Sameeha Syed

In a sea of vividly colorful skirts and the sweet aroma of mango lassi in the air, senior Arjun Krishnan commands the attention of more than 1,000 students. On stage, he easily cracks witty-one liners, mimicking one of his favorite comedic influences, Conan O’Brien. 

As a Heritage Night host for 2 years, Krishnan has found his stride in delivering jokes both on and off the stage. His deep appreciation for the transformative power of comedy is evident in his mentality. 

“It’s not really about the jokes you tell,” Krishnan said. “Comedy is just to make someone’s day better, make them smile, to lift their mood. That’s what comedy was meant for. That’s what makes comedy so diverse.”

Krishnan’s ease in social situations is a direct result of his extensive speech and debate journey. From the narrow valleys of Kentucky to the sun-kissed beaches of California, he has honed his people skills through participation in prestigious debate competitions.

“That’s where I became the social butterfly I am right now,” Krishnan said. “Speech and debate makes me who I am.”

Krishnan will pursue a degree in business at Texas A&M University in the fall.

Shreya Jadhav

Senior Shreya Jadhav navigates each day with her hands wrapped tightly around her most treasured possession: her water bottle, affectionately named “Poot.”

“If I were to lose anything in the entire world—if I lost my phone, my backpack, my house—I wouldn’t be as mad as if I lost my water bottle,” Jadhav said.

Jadhav’s vibrant sense of humor stems from her deep-rooted love for media. As a member of KCBY-TV, she has honed her video production skills and fostered meaningful connections. 

“Being in front of a camera, you learn how to portray yourself to others,” Jadhav said. “That’s a big part of meeting new people and making friends.”

But her passion for media and humor doesn’t stop at the studio doors. When the clock strikes 11 p.m., her bedroom transforms into a cozy, dim-lit movie theater for her favorite shows.

“It’s just so fun and therapeutic,” Jadhav said. “It was important for me to watch a hilarious show to end my night because of how stressed I was. Some people have the gym, some people have drawing, for me, I love watching TV shows. It’s important to keep laughing despite everything.”

Jadhav will pursue a degree in advertising at University of Texas at Austin.


Most likely to administer CPR on a plane

Sukirtha Muthiah

Kshetra Polavarapu

With a bright smile and perky attitude, Coppell High School senior Kshetra Polavarapu places her hands on the pale dummy, ready to demonstrate CPR to her EMT class.

Polavarapu has hoped to pursue a career in medicine since she was in middle school. Now, she has the chance to make those dreams a reality through her EMT course which allows her to gain experience through rotations at the local fire station.

I’m not completely sure yet, but I am thinking of something in emergency medicine, like an emergency physician,” Polavarapu said. “I really enjoy all the shifts that I do as an EMT right now and I want to get to that same level in emergency medicine in a future career.”

Polavarapu plans to work as an EMT this summer and will major in Biochemistry and participate in the Baylor2Baylor Medical Track Program at Baylor University in the fall.

Prateek Malkoti

A tall person clad in scrubs smiles eagerly as he steps into his medical assistant class. That person is Coppell High School senior Prateek Malkoti.

To everyone who knows him, Malkoti’s love for medicine is apparent in everything he does.

“I wear scrubs every day or almost every day,” Malkoti said. “A lot of my friends know that I take [Practicum in Health Science – Medical Assistant] and people in my class know that I love this stuff, and I talk about it. I also have a TikTok account that I blog on.”

Malkoti hopes to explore his passion for service in a future medical career.

“I am hoping to become a general physician,” Malkoti said. “I’m grateful that people recognize it, and it validates that science is one of my passions. I’m glad that people put that trust in me that I’d be able to give CPR to someone.”

Malkoti will major in public health at the University of Texas at Austin.


Most likely to design the next wonder of the world

Aliza Abidi

Adeesh Rathod

Pretending to blueprint layouts of cities and roads when he was young, Coppell High School senior Adeesh Rathod has been entranced by the innovation and possibilities that architecture brings ever since. 

Taking construction management in his sophomore year and participating in engineering-based extracurriculars, Rathod has been able to find intersections in his skills. 

“I like the creative aspect about architecture,” Rathod said. “Architecture is unique to me, because it is whatever I imagine and it’s not something that anyone else thought of. It’s personal to me because it combines my math skills with my artistic skills.”

Last summer, Rathod went to a camp where he was given the opportunity to design an apartment that would be used in 2050. 

“It was cool to make the floor plan and use different reference photos to see how the apartment would look in the future,” Rathod said. 

Rathod will study architecture engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

Tanvi Nikam

After originally following the business pathway in her freshman year, Coppell High School senior Tanvi Nikam found that her calling lies elsewhere: engineering. 

Participating in the engineering CTE courses and having strong involvement in TSA throughout high school, Nikam has found passion in the art of engineering as it allows her to make a difference. 

“Engineering has been a way for me to apply my passion for math, science and physics to solving real-world problems,” Nikam said. “In the engineering practicum class, we do more project-based learning and I enjoy getting the chance to use my creativity to create solutions that people can use in their own lives.

Nikam will study electrical computer engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. 

“I want to go more into designing clean energy solutions for the planet in the future,” Nikam said. “So even if it’s not a wonder of the world that I’m designing in the future, it is something that can help the world and will leave an impact.”


Sri Achanta

Most likely to lead an activist movement

Rishi Dasari

Coppell High School senior Rishi Dasari eagerly steps into his debate classroom, thoughts already formulating in his head and ready to make a difference. 

Debate allows people to argue for issues they believe will make a difference, and that is exactly why Dasari does it.

We look into a lot of social issues and I want to study political science,” Dasari said. “I want to be a lawyer and through law, I want to be able to act on those social issues that we talk about.”

Dasari plans to major in economics at the University of Texas at Austin. I’m inspired by some of my friends who do their own social justice stuff,” Dasari said. “Their advocacy work inspires me to also get involved in advocacy work, and I hope to pursue that further in college.”

Anushree De

The first thing you notice about Coppell High School senior Anushree De is their booming voice. A sweet tone emboldened by their clear passion for using their voice, De strives to be a voice for change through debate.

“The power of representation is so cool,” De said. “Debate is about analyzing policies and understanding what they do for different people, different countries, different organizations and how it affects the world around us, so I continue to look at the state of marginalized people, marginalized perspectives and help to bring representation to them.”

Through passion and determination, De thinks anyone can make a change.

“Leading a movement starts with one person,” De said. “As long as you believe, you can make the differences that you want to make. Never lose faith in yourself and keep on using your voice because you never know where it’s going to get you, you don’t know who’s going to hear it.”

De plans to major in business and enroll in the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin in the fall with hopes of being in charge of marketing for a nonprofit dedicated to queer youth.


Sameeha Syed

Most likely to perform during a NFL halftime show

Roma Jani

For Coppell High School senior and choir president Roma Jani, not joining choir wasn’t even in the question. 

As a child, Jani was heavily involved in the arts, participating in band, art classes and music classes. When it came time to choose her electives in sixth grade, Jani realized that choir was the art that she wanted to pursue.

I took a year break from band, and I just no longer had that touch with it that I used to,” Jani said. “So I decided to join choir and it was really something that I fell in love with and I didn’t want to stop.”

Over the years, Jani built a niche for herself in the choir program at Coppell, strengthening a hobby that turned into a passion. 

“It’s not just what you’re doing, but it’s the people that you surround yourself with and the community that you make and the people who are there to support you throughout that makes you really want to continue and stay in it,” Jani said.

She hopes to continue to pursue singing at the University of Texas at Austin through the various choirs and a cappella groups.

Suhas Sura 

What started as an extracurricular that his mom enrolled him in, soon turned into a lasting passion for Coppell High School senior Suhas Sura.

Beginning with Carnatic music classes, Sura found singing to be an escape from regular school work, prompting him to join his elementary school’s show choir in fifth grade. 

Following a two-year hiatus in middle school, Sura returned to choir in eighth grade, devoting more time and effort to improving his art. 

“I think it was just more like getting into my zone,” Sura said. “I enjoyed the feeling of just locking in and sticking to that one thing that I was trying to do good at, and that’s what really got me into singing.”

Although Sura stepped back from choir this year, he recently picked up his old hobby again after re-enrolling in Carnatic music classes. 

Sura hopes to continue to pursue this art for his personal gratification through a cappella groups and music organizations at Texas A&M University.


Sri Achanta

Most likely to be a Silicon Valley entrepreneur

Praneeth Muvva

From the time he was 10, Coppell High School senior Praneeth Muvva immersed himself in the business realm by helping at his dad’s food distribution business. 

As he spent more time in the industry, Muvva recognized the need for a connection between truckers and shipping companies, leading him to develop a business idea to create a freight brokerage service. In the end, the plan did not work out, but Muvva thinks trying things at a young age is the best way to gain experience. 

I think when you’re young is the best time to fail, throw yourself at something, take risks,” Muvva said. “There’s a lot of value in just throwing yourself at business and just learning through that.”

Muvva will major in electrical and computer engineering at Duke University as a way to gain valuable skills to support his future ventures. 

“I think electrical engineering, even if I never go into it, is good for building problem-solving skills and helping grow the way you think,” Muvva said. “I could definitely see myself becoming an entrepreneur in the future, but I’m not exactly sure yet.”

Naisha Jain

Most 6-year-olds spend their days riding bikes or coloring, but Coppell High School senior Naisha Jain was busy exploring the world of electrical engineering. 

I deconstructed a mini LED circuit box with my dad when I was 6 years old and it was a really cool experience getting to learn about circuits and just seeing a simple but very innovative part of our technology that is portable and compact but has so much influence and power,” Jain said.

Throughout middle school and high school, Jain devoted her time to STEM-based clubs and organizations such as Girls Who Code, Technology Student Association (TSA) and various robotics clubs, strengthening her knowledge and interest in the field of computer science and electrical engineering. 

Jain is pursuing electrical engineering/computer science and business administration in college, with the hope that she will continue to progress and expand her passion for the field. 

“I’m still trying to decide whether or not I want to pursue entrepreneurship completely but I think that’s what I will discover in college,” Jain said.

Sameeha Syed

Most likely to sign a deal with Nike

Arhan Lapsiwala

Senior shooting guard Arhan Laspiwala has had his ideal Nike shoe in mind since the second grade. He dreamt of the perfect basketball shoe painted purple and gold in honor of his favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant. 

“I grew up a massive Kobe fan, and that’s a big reason I played basketball,” Laspiwala said. “I just like the mindset that Kobe carries on outside of sports. His mentality and the way he looks at other aspects of life is pretty cool.”

Since he was 5, Laspiwala’s dedication to the sport has set him apart. His pregame routine alone consists of 400-500 practice shots. His relentless work ethic has secured his position on first team all-district and earned him a spot on University of Chicago’s basketball team.

“I’ve kept with me what my coach told me around the age of 7, ‘Control the controllables’,” Lapsiwala said. “You can only control what you can control. Control how hard you work, your attitude, your effort, your willingness to go early mornings and late nights to work out, and the rest, leave it up to the universe.”

Sedem Buatsi

One second. One second was the mark between state or bust for Coppell senior Sedem Buatsi. On April 19, she qualified for state track and field in the 4 x 200-meter relay by a single second and broke the school record.

Keeping a cool head during these tense moments is not easy. Buatsi initially struggled with waves of nervousness during track meets but has found solace in her faith.

“Focusing on my relationship with God has helped me enjoy the moment and take the pressure off myself,” Buatsi said. “There’s always going to be another race. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t do your best in the moment.”

At Baylor University, Buatsi does not plan to continue her track and field career but plans to keep a little piece of the sport with her in spirit.

“To me, track means being the best version of myself I can be,” Buatsi said.


Sameeha Syed

Most likely to become a billionaire

Anveshi Goyal

Majoring in business honors at the University of Texas at Austin in the fall, Coppell senior DECA chief executive officer Anveshi Goyal highlights her skills in business and communication. 

Within the DECA chapter, Goyal takes initiative and communicates effectively with her team.

“I am a very organized and planned person,” Goyal said. “So when it comes to taking initiative, I always want to get things done just so I can get them on my calendar ready for me to check them off.”

In addition to her role as DECA chief executive, Goyal was also District 11 president in the 2022-23 school year. Through this experience, she built on her passion and drive for business.  

Goyal participates in many organizations, striving to strengthen her skills in business and communication. She interned at a private equity firm Satori Capital and ECommerce company Deals Pointer.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of different business-related activities which made our Coppell student body align me with business and therefore a billionaire,” Goyal said. “I feel very honored that I was voted for this because that means there are other people who believe in my ability to succeed at the highest level.”

Dhroov Pathare

Coppell senior Dhroov Pathare works with mice in a lab through an internship at the UT Southwestern Medical Center, working alongside professional scientists to discover new treatments for breast cancer.

Pathare plans to major in neuroscience and computer science at University of Texas at Austin in the fall. He hopes his ambition in medicine and science leads him to become a physician or an oncologist.

Pathare has also been involved in research at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Houston, his efforts leading him to be named a Welch Scholar.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to become a doctor,” Pathare said. “I developed this interest in cancer and I knew that in the future, my purpose would be to spare other families from the pain that some of my family members had to go through.”

In addition to the path of medicine, Pathare also plans to go into law to reform current inefficiencies in the medical system.

“It’s very rewarding to know that the work that I’ve done through high school is being recognized by my peers,” Pathare said. “ I’m really honored to represent this superlative.”


Sameeha Syed

Most likely to write a book studied in IB English

Rishika Porandla

With an ardent passion for astronomy and time to spare during COVID-19 during her freshman year, Coppell High School senior Rishika Porandla crafted her out-of-the-world universe through her book, Letalis. 

Letalis, Latin for ‘deadly,’ is the central theme within the novel. The novel incorporates astrophysical themes and navigates power imbalances and the moral fallout of the main character, Ceres, as she searches for normality and a vengeful status quo.

“I think literature and creative writing were always a form of escapism for me,” Porandla said. “I’ve always loved science and in middle school. I knew I would be a scientist, but I’ve always found reading and writing to be a break from the intensity of science, and think it’s cool how literature finds outlets in science itself.”

Porandla will major in physics at Princeton University and hopes to continue pursuing creative writing endeavors.

“Being associated with my book is really gratifying, and it’s powerful to me to think that a book I wrote could leave an impact on someone or even astronomers who are reading it can see interactions with their scientific work,” Porandla said.

Anunaya Pathak

After an accident while playing a game of basketball on the last day of his junior year, Coppell High School senior Anunaya Pathak spent his family vacation in Nepal with a broken arm in a tight-knit home.

His broken arm provided him a transformative experience of newfound vulnerability, one that he wanted to share. Spending four days in the cycle of  waking up, writing and sleeping, Pathak wrote a book titled A Journey Through Pain: Breaking my left arm

“[In Nepal], I had to depend on my family and learn how to come from a place of independence to dependence, because I needed help,” Pathan said. “There’s so many lessons from breaking an arm, because it’s something you take for granted, and something that you always had is just gone.”

Pathak hopes his book continues to provide a sense of comfort to those who also undergo injuries.

“When I was writing the book, I wasn’t thinking about anything else,” Pathak said. “I think we don’t get that often in our life, where we can completely dedicate ourselves to one specific goal or task. I hope that my readers read my book and understand that there are other people out there going through the same pain.”


Sameeha Syed

Most likely to make your day

Max Scott

Basketball. Golf. Football. At most games throughout the year, one smiling face has shined through the crowd. Joined by his trusted plunger, Coppell High School senior Max Scott has entertained the entire student section this year.

For Scott, happiness comes in the little things, like waking up every morning. A friendly attitude comes naturally with that kind of positive mindset.

I know that someone else can always be having a worse day than I am,” Scott said. “I’m extremely grateful to be where I am, regardless of if things are going good or not. Even when things aren’t the best, I know that it can always get worse and I always try to keep that in perspective.”

Scott will be studying business and joining the Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at the University of Oklahoma.

Chloe Kryzak

Coppell High School senior Chloe Kryzak is the embodiment of the sun. Her golden curls surround her smiling face like rays of warmth healing those around her. It is natural for a grin to form almost instantly just by talking to her.  

Kryzak does not let the downs of life affect her attitude. She will, really will, say hi to every person she knows in the hallways, from her close friends to more distant classmates.

When I go into each day and I’m seeing people, I think about how every single one of them has a life that’s just as complex and real as my own,” Kryzak said. “It makes you realize that every little thing you do can have an impact on them, whether it’s a short term effect, like how their day goes, or a long term effect they’ll remember for a long time.”

Kryzak will study visualization at Texas A&M to further her love of the arts.


Most likely to star in a blockbuster film

Sameeha Syed

Olivia Willey

Spotlights shine down on her face, cameras flashing all around. Coppell senior Olivia Willey smiles from a television screen, awing the audience with her talent and acting poise.

Willey started acting when she was 7, starring in theatrical productions as well as commercials and short films. 

Through acting, Willey uses her passion to spread awareness in various topics. She starred in Bubblegum, an awareness film for teenage relationship abuse.

“Being in an awareness film was really fun because I was able to be a voice, which is my favorite part of acting,” Willey said. “I was able to showcase such an important message in a medium that I love.”

Willey plans to study acting at the University of California, Davis in the fall.

“I feel happy that my friends have noticed my efforts and the things I do,” Willey said. “I think it’s a sweet honor that I was voted for this category.”

Sid Gunasekaran

Enjoying the sensation of singing and acting in front of a roaring audience, Coppell senior Siddharth Gunasekaran developed a love for musical theater.

He is headed to McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, planning to merge his passion for art and business.  

Gunasekaran started acting at a young age, and his passion for musical theater only expanded.

“Every year, I always make an effort to participate in our school’s annual musicals,” Gunasekaran said. “Acting in musicals is such a blast and has allowed me to build such an awesome community and meet my closest friends.”

The young actor also enjoys acting in short films made by students at Coppell High School. 

Gunasekaran starred in the film “Happy Birthday Sid,” a production created by senior Issac Mercado that was submitted to the annual Texas Thespians Film Competition. 

“At the competition, I was shocked, thrilled, excited and in disbelief to find out that I had won ‘Best Actor in a Comedic Film,’” Gunasekaran said. “I had the super fun opportunity to act and star in this film, and to this day, it stands as one of the most fun experiences I have gotten to be part of.”

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